Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo

Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo

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  • Anonymous

whats about the battery ..if standby only

  • Anonymous

Is Samsung s3 neo a Cdma phone

  • saNju

Guy is this a good device ? Coz now
this device is 1 year old so please
suggest me

  • Ben

Could u plz help me out guys, im so confused, which one is better galaxy a3 or s3 neo or grand 2..?

  • Zuubie Zu

Does not specifically mention front and rear cameras. Yes or no ??.What about real time conversation recording and saving them is it there or not./

  • AnonD-380679

yes we can do video call....and this device does not support OTG

  • Anonymous

can we do video call from this set

  • AnonD-380679

Guy is this a good device ? Coz now this device is 1 year old so please suggest me

  • smartypants

shaDy, 27 Mar 2015Hw can I send send smileys in instagram?? Shud I want to downloa... morejust download on google play "Swiftkey" it's the best keybord in the world with all the emojis and stuff like that!;)

  • sam

Guy can it will good if i will buy this mobile ? I am asking this question coz now the this phone becomes one year old so plzzz suggest me

  • Anonymous

Lumia 730 @12k go for it.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-380332, 29 Mar 2015Hiii. Friends which phone should i bring Samsung galaxy s3neo or... moreE5 n grand max have greater display and good camera
Means better dan s3 neo's .all hv quad core processer bt i hv heard dat volume of grand mx is little low .u may miss the cl sometimes due to low volume.n e5 hv non removable battery.if u can manage wid litlle smaller display den s3 neo is good phn.think

  • Pouya Bayat

It's a very beautiful and good and usefull mobile. I'm satisfied with it.

  • Anonymous

s3 neo supports otg cable please guys reply

  • AnonD-380332

Friends which phone should i bring Samsung galaxy s3neo or e5 or grand max?

  • shubham

Friends which phone I bring galaxy s3neo or e5 or grand max ?

  • siva

AnonD-361288, 08 Feb 2015Guys pls help me out. I want to Buy a new mobile within 15k. wha... moreYou get s4mini

  • Anonymous

do s 3 cases fit on this phone. am wanting to order a s3 case mate tough case for this phone and its not available for s3 neo. so if i ordered the s3 version would it fit on this phone as the width of neo is slightly more. please do reply anyone who has had experience

  • sam

Sss, 26 Mar 2015Should this model also have build quality issue like the orignal... moreyes the problem is still there.

  • samuser

Dr. VG, 26 Mar 2015thr was a typo. The news of S3 neo getting lollipop update c... moreWho is that samsung gallery in vashi.... is something like blloger , ore is a samsung store site .... http:// link will be nice to provide so we can read.... lollipop update is a good OS but very small chance for this device. Bye