Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III

Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III

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  • Ultros

AnonD-676142, 10 Jun 2017I became samsung fans when I am using this phone since 3+ y... moreYou must hard reset the phone. I had the same problem when i had this phone and it helped.

Search google for "Samsung Galaxy S3 hard reset".

  • Anonymous

S3 LTE, 10 May 2017Anyone received a recent update regarding "improved stabili... moreAndroid 4.4 update

One of the best sets made by Samsung.

  • AnonD-676142

I became samsung fans when I am using this phone since 3+ years ago but the problem that I am facing right now in this phone is it always restart by itself and I can't power on the phone.So,this phone can't go to home screen and i can't use this phone for now......

  • S3 LTE

Anyone received a recent update regarding "improved stability" for the Samsung S3 GT-I9305?

  • Anonymous

what, 10 Feb 2017You can't, its too old:DDDD)))))You can actually, root and download custom rom. My galaxy s3 is running android 7.1

  • vancouver island mik

i have a s3 still working fine got the phone in 2012 had the charge port fixed the batt the first one good for 45 min full charge they say after 2 years the batt gos on it, i have now 3 more batt as my back up and new charge cords . this phone works as good as the day i got it. my s3 has out lived all my freinds phones and all my past phones of all makes,its still the best and it works .the phone companys whant s you to do up grades all the time , to save money get the chargeing port fix and extra batt, pluss new cords . my phone is up and runing since 2012 and now its 2017 cheers from mike

  • AnonD-651845

I bought Galaxy SIII in 2014.It worked well till last month. Physically no problem but, it's display doesn't work regularly. sometimes it works and another it doesn't. Repairer says that it's display is out and have to change. If so, how can it work at times? Could you say any solution for me?

  • Anonymous

My favourite cellphone. This is 3,5 years by me.

  • what

AnonD-624303, 24 Dec 2016I want a upgrade to marshmellow. You can't, its too old:DDDD)))))

  • __Devil__

gerad, 28 Apr 2016my phone model is SGH-T999V, every time when i open the pho... moreits software is crached,
get a new software from the phone repairer ,

  • Anonymous

I have an issue with Sim Card slot
I tried to check for the IMEI: It is saying NULL what should I do?

  • AnonD-624303

I want a upgrade to marshmellow.

  • AnonD-617384

Just replaced this with a Huawei p9 lite for my 12 year old and retiring the S3. Can't believe it's only 3 years plus since I'd this Samsung flagship phone. Everyone loved a Samsung then especially us anti-iphoners. Not today though. All the other more affordable brands have caught up and know what consumers want. Affordable and powerful enough. Personally I think Samsung has somewhat lost its plot. With the disaster of Note 7 it will be doubly hard to win back its supporters.

  • Bishal

There is no crack on my touchscreen but there is no light on display

  • obet93

AnonD-474993, 09 Aug 2016I bought my S3 3 years ago. Now it is rooted and still work... moreHow did you rooted your samsung I9305 s3 dude?thx

  • AWC

This one is my first smartphone. I'm really happy about my experience.

  • HY

TechLord777, 04 Sep 2016Yeah, that's because the device itself does not change. The... moreMeet this guy corn android upgrades... Google it..

  • TechLord777

AnonD-474993, 09 Aug 2016I bought my S3 3 years ago. Now it is rooted and still work... moreYeah, that's because the device itself does not change. The device gets relatively worse, when new flagships are released, but absolutely, it still stays the same 2012 superiour flagship. It is so hard to believe, how much different the assortments of phones in the technical stores changes over the years! The S3 was considered as a superphone in early 2012. It is late 2016 now (wasn't it January yesterday? Time goes past so quickly! (alternative:)Time goes by so fast!). Now, the S3 is considered as garbage. But it is still the same device!

  • TechLord777

I really miss those times! That user interface (TouchWiz NatureUX 1.0) was really beautiful. And pebble blue looked so good.

At that time, Samsung concentrated more on practicallity. Due to the more minimalistic design, unfortionately, they have removed the neck strap hole.

But I do not like those newer user interfaces of Samsung. On the Note 6, I like the quick settings, but the user interface is so monotone, while the Note 2 had a living, vivid user interface, which was probably the childhood of TouchWiz. Now, there is puberty.

I can't stress, how much I was shocked, when I heard Hyun Yeul Lee on Unpacked 2015, Episode 1, 17~18 Minutes after event start. I watched that unpacking video eight months after release, and Hyun Yeul Liar confirmed, what I actually noticed in a negative way: Icons replaced with text: what if the language settings are messed up? The icons in context menus were already removed in NatureUX 3.0 on the S5, which at least had a dark nativve theme (#00151c, #006578). But in Saturn, a technical store, somebody set the menu language of the Lumia 1020, where there is just text, no Icons at all, to russian. It was impossible to navigate through the menus.
Read this, Hyun Yeul Liar:
Unpacked: „We did refuse to do this (non-removable) battery for some times, until we were absolutely sure, that it would be convinient for users to charge their batteries“? Is it convinient to worry about space storage, battery capacity, water damage, missing features, etc. ?
The S5 had a bulky charging port. But I wish, that the charging port itself was protected from inside, but that bulk was still there, which means twice the protection. That bulk prevents any water from entering the charging port (if it does, there is additional protection). That makes it possible to use a cable-charger without drying out for hours. But for that,, there is wireless charging. I can't believe, that the S5 Mini and the S6Active have no humidity (water short circuiting) protector.

The multitasking was introduced on the S3, and at it's best on the Note 4, but messed up on the S6. AndroidPit mentioned positively, that the Note 4 allows the camera application to be opened in pop-up-view. Actually, the Note 3 still allowed the Clock application from

The S3 has a lockscreen-camera-launcher in the following picture: 【I am currently unable to find that picture, but I will reply to this comment as soon as I found it.】
I wonder, why some S3's don't have that. But I wish, that I could set some emergency applications to be accessible without logging into the device. E.g. Calculator, Flashlight, Clock tools, unit converter, camera, voice recorder, etc. they do not contain any private information.