Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III

Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III

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this is a best smart phone
but missing 12 mp camera
but i like it
samsung now on the top i dont think apple nokia htc sony have that kind of phone in next sixmonth
samsung samsung everywhere in india

  • Kaya

samsung galaxy s3 is good phone but battery life is suck.. at least this model must have 2500m battery.. samsung s3 can beat iphone 5 only with better battery.. Samsung use brain..!! Without battery what am i gonna do with this great phone ? do you think everybody charging their phone during daytime ??

  • aymn

yes Samsung by this device u can destroy iphone 5 and phone 6 for 3 years in condition that this device be available in one week or two weeks this galaxy will compete with i phone not galaxy note 2pleas samsung harry

  • Fenson Lee

WTF, just same model and just upgrade the LTE & 2GB Ram only......


Samsung Galaxy S3 I9305 is a compare each phone VS. Galaxy S3 will see the difference....:)


check and compare all smartphone specifications, the samsung galaxy s3 i9305 have the balance in terms of speed, handling and almost all of the above....this phone have won almost all of the criteria of any smartphone made.......amen

  • mushroomboy

wow ram 2gb os jelly bean but still HD screen and 8mp.that should be FullHD screen and 13 mp

  • Anonymous

Greetings Galaxians!
How good is the S3 as an alternate mp3 music player?

  • Tofy

Why Samsung every month released minimum between 3-8 new Mobile phones?

I am planning to get the new S3 but also i heard also after few months S4 will release!!!!!!!

  • AJ Molu

S3 is just amazing... so many cool features.. and alot more, soo much worth...!

  • Anonymous

Motorola Droid Maxx is the best .

  • fresH

nick, 20 Sep 2012wats different?it comes with 2 GB ram

  • fresH

nick, 20 Sep 2012wats different?it comes with 64 GB internal memory and 2 GB ram .


this fone is better then nokia lumia 920.

  • Anonymous

does anyone know a month when this phone would be released?

  • nick

wats different?

  • Yo !