Samsung in talks with BOE to supply OLED panels for future Galaxy phones

Ro, 28 April 2020

Since Samsung is the world's biggest smartphone OLED supplier, it's only natural that the Korean tech giant is using its in-house displays for its Galaxy smartphones. But that might change in the future, according to industry analysts DSCC.

Samsung in talks with BOE to supply OLED panels for future Galaxy phones

The company says Samsung is in talks with BOE to make some of the OLED screens for future Galaxy smartphones. It is said that the Korean firm is looking for flexible 6.67-inch OLED screen for at least one member of the Galaxy S21 lineup next year. The Galaxy A91 is also going to be equipped with a BOE-made 6.67-inch FHD+ screen.

That's a rather interesting turn of events as BOE is currently the biggest smartphone LCD supplier in the world but it only comes third for OLED panels after Samsung and LG. It looks like the forecasts of Samsung losing 11% of its smartphone OLED panel market share in Q4 2020 is about to come true as Apple is also looking for an alternative to Samsung-made OLEDs and will likely seek BOE's help with the production of iPhone 12-series.

Perhaps Samsung will aim to bring the cost down for some of its premium midrangers and affordable flagship versions and also free up resources to use on foldable OLED panels from now on.

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Reader comments

  • Will

Not only that but I guess to shift focus on production of OLED TVs or bigger panels where its probably more profitable.

  • AlienKiss

Time to stop buying Samsung if it turns out to be true and start buying Sony. I already have my eyes on their latest high-end flagship. Which, by the way, has no silly notch, no silly cluster of dead pixels in the display, and most importantly : it H...

  • Gsnafan1

this is happening because of Japan's decision to restrict the supply of oled components to South Korea, so they're reasonably trying to get around the problem by buying oled panels from that Chinese company

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