Samsung is reportedly testing Android Go-powered handset in multiple countries

Ro, 22 June 2018

Samsung and Android Go? Yep, the initial rumors of Samsung trying out the stock Android experience on a low-end phone might turn out to be true after all. We've already heard about the device being prepared for the Indian market, but the latest piece of info coming from SamMobile suggests that the device will be coming in several other markets as well.

The SM-J260G device model number, which is believed to be the Android Go device, has already been confirmed through leaked benchmark score sheet but the source names a few others as well.

The SM-J260F is a device aimed at the United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Caucasus Countries, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, France and Poland while the SM-J260M will be dedicated to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Panada and Paraguay. In addition, the SM-J260G should pop up in Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam as well.

With a release on such big scale, the company is apparently looking to see how different markets react to the stock Android experience on a low-cost Samsung device. Only time will tell how well the market will adopt the device and if it's worth investing in Android Go-powered lineup in the foreseeable future.



Reader comments

Knowing Samsung, they won't. After all, if the phone gets consistent OS updates doesn't suffer from lag, then consumers won't need to buy newer Samsung phones more frequently (versus current scenario of buying newer phones when the older one is laggy...

Only when ,if they release a blackberry classic or touch kinda phone with Oreo go.

How's it's a copy of Nokia?

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