Samsung is working to finally bring Seamless Updates to phones with One UI 6

Ivan, 21 October 2022

Samsung is finally working to bring Seamless Updates to its phones. The feature, which premiered on Pixels in 2016, and is found in many Android phones is yet to come to Galaxies. It allows for an update to be installed on partition B while you use your phone in partition A, then when the update is done you just need to restart, instead of having your phone unavailable for the entirety of the process.

Samsung is working on adding Seamless Updates as part of One UI 6 next year, per an interview with Samsung Electronics VP Hyesoon Jeong (Sally).

Samsung is working to finally bring Seamless Updates to phones with One UI 6

Google has made Seamless Updates a mandatory feature for any phone that launches with Android 13 so it would be viable to expect the Galaxy S23 series to have the feature even before One UI 6 arrives later next year. We'll see.

Finally, in the interview, Sally said that One UI won't branch out from phones to Chromebooks and TVs.

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Did you even read the article?

Mate, that's a personal preference. Some, like I, adore the squircle icon design that Samsung employs.

  • Carol
  • 29 Oct 2022
  • n@x

Wow yeah, i mean, who does Not need 4k and now even 8k video taking capabilities this days? i mean really now. This companies especially samsung are dumb, they do not understand that people need to produce full lenght high quality movies with their p...

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