Samsung J700

Samsung J700

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  • Anonymous

maybe smb knows how to set up sms tone?

  • anees

Excellent mobile is very good,Important thing is that photos directly move to MMC and so your phone memory always remain intact.Thanks to samsung.

  • Anonymous

just got this phone last week excellent mobile great build stainless steel frame and all good camera(note not great) phone for music and overall basic phone usuage.

  • mikey

i dont really like the phone its the same as the j600

  • Sam Sung

Just got this phone from 4u-what fantastic handset!!

For starters the styling of the phone is beatiful, very slick, slimline & elegant.

Despite the camera only being 1.3mp the picture quality is excellent; as is the video recording.

I am also very impressed with the quality of the MP3 player and radio (when listened to through the earphones)- the sound qaulity is excellent and what you would normally expect from a top-end phone.

It's very easy to use and battery performance is good.

Thank you Samsung - keep up the good work.

  • moomen

How Rate the mobile?

  • feeRon

this phone is like E-200 only J700 is sliding

  • Zobi

Zobi first. Yay!