Samsung L700

Samsung L700

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  • haroon

Gaurav Kohli, 10 Oct 2009I've just entered on my L700 the *#73XX# damn code which turned ... morei have trouble with my phone of using Google. what i have to do?


Samsung Mobile Model No. SGH-L700 Full Body Silver Color

  • R

my samsung .L700.. mobile is block because someone use a wrong pattern and i do not have a Gmail account so please help me

  • Munna

Is two sims works at a time?

I mean like your another product of 5212 model

  • deepak dubey

AnonD-349506, 07 Jan 2015 hy call *#06# for imei codenat wrking is not col

  • AnonD-349506

hy call *#06# for imei code

  • rik

hemu, 23 Jun 2014Dear friends,Unfortunantly i entered the code #*7337# and after... moreu contect the macanic for imei code.. etc..

  • riki

hemu, 23 Jun 2014Dear friends,Unfortunantly i entered the code #*7337# and after... moreplw help me i entered #*7337# after my phone no coverage the network bt why

  • zol

best phone ever.
love the metallic body, love the battery life, perfect.

  • Osc

Vereab, 15 Jun 2014Just a very hard stuff I bought it in Germany 5 years ago, to b... moreI still have it up to date. A hardcore phone. Can't find a new housing because the screen is faded.

  • hemu

Dear friends,Unfortunantly i entered the code #*7337# and
after change my handsets(L700) IMEI
no.00000000000000/0 .then i entered also a full reset code
*2767*3855# .mobile reset but IMEI no remain
00000000000000/0 .now my L700 works only single
network(BSNL).others shows "network error".for reportings
4 or 5 times i used *2767*3855# for reset and other mobile
functions ok. PLEASE HELP, L700 is my
friend,computer,mobile and Email PLEASE HELP thanks to all . 9329479190 20

  • Vereab

Just a very hard stuff
I bought it in Germany 5 years ago, to be honest I didn't out many attention at that time but after many other primary phones it still is alive, now I realize that this phone will be with me for a decade without troubles, I bought a brand new battery pack and is running over the wheels now I live in Mexico and works with out any issue.

  • Arjit

Like this phone i can never seen..

  • goergie

i just whane no if this phone can take whatsapp

  • Chandan

This phone the strong in everyone I LIKE IT!!!!!!

  • Durga pd sharma

I'm very happy to use this phone, for five years it is working very nicely still.

  • Rahul

Vijay, 13 Aug 2012Ya True !! Even I am Using It Since Last 3.5 Years Yet No Problem :)I have change its display several times 8-9times and it is still diaplay is going very bad mobile ever seen

  • Anonymous

Ajith, 10 Apr 2013All features are good,I using this phone since I want ... moreyou can find it at Elephant house, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

  • krishna

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2013I am having the Samsung, unfutunately the display has disconnect... moreOriginal Display ain't available... try other display. I made repaired for 480rs..

  • Anonymous

Not justfy 3g