Samsung L700

Samsung L700

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  • Anonymous

Not justfy 3g

  • AnonD-185795

I bought this phone for my better half and gifted it during a valentines before wedding in 2008. For some reason this phone gets into some issues and after a brief shut down everything gets fixed on its own.
1. Gets very hot while talking and charging - Still persists.
2. Display never goes off - Solved by its own.
Stopped using it and switched on after a year (today) and its working like a charm now.

Must say its a SOLID BUILD like a tank!

Looking for the charger which i misplaced somewhere, also looking to do a full service at Samsung service center, not sure whether they will take it.

  • Ajn

I have used L700 for close to 5 years and am still using it. One major problem that I have faced is that if it is kept in your pocket and close your skin for long, it burns your skin over time. It could be because of the metalic body combined with the fact that I always keep my phone on vibration mode. I now put it in a hard cover to avoid the problem. Another problem I face is that something has gone wrong with its software and I am no longer able to read service text messages. I can read all SMS except the ones sent by my service provider as only special characters appear instead of alphabets. Apart from the above I have faced no problems at all. I have never had to repair it even once in close to 5 years that I have used it.

  • Anonymous

I want to purchase a mobile but cant leave it

  • Anonymous

I am having the Samsung, unfutunately the display has disconnected. Original display not avalable in Kurnool district. I came to know that this old model and it is not available. Please let me know avaijabulity and its cost may be informed.

  • pramod

It is just like AK-47. I mean a device whatever like use. Zero maintenance phone. A great Modem (window7). Awesome internet speed with ucWeb(itz basic browser is nt so good). Superb battery back-up(look its last line of battery signal,how long it work). Youtube without buffering(depends on ur network streingth). Excellent 2mp cam. Great look. I am negleting even Android 4.1 os. Due to this. No even single problem since 2008. I will use this phone till it will destroy itself. (may b aftr 10 to 20 years ;) ha ha ha.) full paisa wasool phone. Even u can use this as a arm,during fighting. Itz heavyduty steel body can keel someone(when no way to save our soul) ***** star phone. I m lovin it.

  • J.C.S.RAO

so nice phone for common man.and long time going.

  • AnonD-98800

Honestly, it's been four years I've been using this as a second phone, and it still works like a charm! AMAZING!

  • Anonymous

kafii nice phone really so nice

  • Gagan

Is this handset whatsapp compatible?

  • Rajaram

very good hand settttttttt

  • lalit

soo nice phon

  • Ajith

All features are good,I using this phone since I want to buy a full housing,but I can't find where the place.I can pay by visa card.please help me by this original housing or Phone. eny informaion please sent me this email,

  • diptesh

yes you can. my phone fell alot of times too and still great as it was before. no questions about the great build quality.
but my phone fell in water 2 times. both times phone died and in 2 days it woke up itself. amazing, isn't it?
and my phone's battery had to be replaced and the microphone stoped working and I had it replaced with like only 700ish INR. :)

it was my first phone and amazing phone it is.

  • jeet

very good phone..i am using for the past 5 years,,only thing that it gets hanged with new 3g sim.

  • Jonas

Eve, 09 Feb 2013I actually got this phone when it came and I've been using it si... moreI don't believe this! My samsung L700 has been fallen one time to the ground and the internal microphone doesn't work anymore, so now it is impossible to call without the headphones. Despite this it's a good phone. Someone an idea if it's possible to repair the microphone?

  • prada

L700- from 2009 & m still using it, u can really feel world in ur hand... With this "Smart phone" without android ;) had a very very good experience with this phone, it includes almost everything, i.e, 3G, video calling, internet connectivity... And with a metal body, a stylish phone...:)

  • AnonD-98800

4 years! Although I had to put tape around the phone, but it still works!

  • Eve

I actually got this phone when it came and I've been using it since, which means I've used it for about five years - even though I have had some other phones now and then - and it is the perfect phone.
Maybe it's not high-tech touch/smartphone but hey if you dropped this from the empire state building or the eiffeltower I bet it would work just fine when you got it back to one piece again.
I LOVE this phone guys.

  • Anonymous

how to turn off t9 forever???