Samsung L700

Samsung L700

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  • tushar

i want the handset..

  • Anonymous

babuli, 18 Nov 2011my hand set battre backup is very low after replace new original... moreshow it to the mobile repairer

  • kumar

Do you know how to configure the speed dial number 1 in Samsung L700?
Setting the other numbers is not a problem. But for number 1, there is a problem: the setup does not allow you to change it.

  • raja

How to change Speed dial 1 option, and remaing all 2 to 9 able to change.

  • babuli

my hand set battre backup is very low after replace new original battery & charger so whats are the problem in my set.

  • nishu

it does not suporrt pc studio thats why i doesn't like it

  • Anonymous

jija, 24 Aug 2011hi this is JIJA from mohali ,,, can u tell me this handset z ava... moreno

  • Adil

The phone can play videos in mp4 format upto 240x180 resolution. It cannot play mp4 format 240x320. but still u get a good display with it. use free download manager to convert. keep video rate 1000kbps

  • amit khanna

sir, my bettry backup of my phone is low & it dose not open diret in computer with lead

  • jija

hi this is JIJA from mohali ,,, can u tell me this handset z available in market or not ,,,

  • Onosyno

Where can i get jadmaker,i mean d site

  • Anonymous

AnonD-3804, 13 Mar 2011I'll use this model 1year but still i cann't install the applic... moredownload games in jar format (176x208) then download "jad maker " from the net...using it make jad file of the jar games u downloaded ,,,make a folder and put the jar and jad file in that folder (both should have same name),,,,,,,,now some complicated steps ,,In the phone Menu select

Then select
'Phone settings'

'USB settings'

And choose
'Ask on connection'

Plug the Phone in to the PC with the USB cable

On the phone selct
'Media player'

On the PC wait until it detects the phone and select
'Open the device to view files'

Open the folder

You should see the folders: Images, Other files, Sounds, Videos

Create a new folder and name it
'Games' earlier it was hidden,,,now the folder will be visible also in phone,,,,,now in this folder put the folder in which u had the game jar and jad file ....complete,,,,now disconnect fone,,...

Unplug the phone

Now on the phone dial the code:


Select 'Internals' (Number 4)
It will ask for a master key it is:


Select 'Storage settings' (Number 7)

Update Java DB (Number 2)

now u can see new games in games and more,,,,i may show errors opening games..then try downloading other games

  • nikk95

Pezan, 11 Jul 2011No, u can't use front camera apart from video calls, and yes ... moreYes u can use the VGA camera try the code *#0*# in idle mode...

  • Anonymous

mohamed nafe3, 03 May 2010you can make a sync with nokia PC suite and save the contacts to... moreby synchronizing with nokia net can acces

  • Ranjit Gill

Samsung L70 Noir Black

  • TandJ

Biswajit, 10 Jun 2011When i use biuetooth then every file store in phone memory, not ... moreTry this. SETTINGS - PHONE SETTINGS - PC CONNECTION - MASS STORAGE.

When you are transferring a file from your PC to your phone use the USB cable (your phone should be in the idle mode or where you can see your default wallpaper), something will appear on your PC (click 'open the file folder'). A window will open for your memory card and it's content, then you can just 'copy and paste' from your PC to phone. Or from your phone to PC. Hope that helps.

  • TandJ

RAMUN, 29 Jun 2011Why it does not support more than 190 sms ? plz repy me.Maybe some of your sms are too large in size, you know that it also store the sent messages, right? Try to delete a few or unimportant sms so you can have some space for the new one. :D

  • TandJ

It CAN NOT read Word (.doc) or Excel document (.xlsl).
It CAN open Notepad file (.txt file), but I think not bigger than 1MB bcoz it took longer to open.
It CAN open Adobe file (.pdf) w/ 5-6MB max size.
It can be useful for students if they can think and experiment with it to be useful. Like, I used it for my notes. I type it on MS Word, set the font style and size (32.5), convert it to .pdf file and transfer it to my phone.
It was not design to take picture inside a place, but it is fascinating when taking picture outside while the sun's up.
Sounds quality is perfect AND simply sophisticated.

  • ayu

the phone is not useful for students, very less apps are available, front camera vga...

  • aries

how can i set the security code of samsung L700???