Samsung L700

Samsung L700

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  • KS

Is there somebody who is using this set with Airtel 3G activated. I have this set for 3 years now and recently bought a new Airtel connection out here in Delhi but I m unable to use 3G services. Airtel recommends a phone based on HSPA technology to access 3G with high rate of speeds. This phone is based upon UMTS technology. Somebody please help...

  • Anonymous

Thats a great phone.If the screen were a little bigger it'd be even greater!

  • samsung l700

hey buddy whil i m using emails, frm yahoo & etc sites thn i m unabl to forward my emails to other peopl in usaval manner... & also facing problm tht mobil get hang in continu using facebook application...& also some other plz do need ful & help me out in this matter.....

  • Prashant Mishra

How am i using MP4? Does handset MP4 supported? Please Guide me.

  • Girish

JM_27, 24 Apr 2011How can i open my internet connection?? plsss helpme Internet speed is very low. Plz guide me.

  • JM_27

How can i open my internet connection?? plsss helpme

  • Anonymous

Key, 05 Feb 2011I,am using this instrument since 20 months, recently it's been h... moreI have the same problem.This phone has bad signal reception because of metal case.Many other problems also arise as a result such as;bad sound quality,low battery life..etc.

  • Anonymous

the battery is not good at all..within 5 hours of charging i am left with only 1 point of battery.. and when i download any java application it shows unsupported file type...what do i do with the java application??how do i make them work?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2011Someone please help,how do i get to BLUETOOTH menu. Cant find it... moreFor Bluetooth go to Settings-----Network settings------Bluetooth

  • Bhai

Fo Bluetooth go to Settings-----Network settings------Bluetooth

  • Tika

Its very nice phone with 3g .i have been using since almost 2years...nice picture low sound.

  • AnonD-4800

atleast it has a document viewer

  • caru_

a good and strong phone.. using it since 2years. very good for rough use.

  • Pete

Am looking for bluetooth in the menu of this phone, somebody please help how do i get to it?

  • Anonymous

Someone please help,how do i get to BLUETOOTH menu. Cant find it on this phone...

  • AnonD-3804

I'll use this model 1year but still i cann't install the application after download via pc if u know anyone reply me

  • martin

its a pity photos can not be viewed in picture mode

  • martin

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2010yes the reception is not good and that makes battery drains its ... moreand also results in bad sound quality..

  • AnonD-3086

this phone Sucks
i mean All Samsung mobile sucks.
Nokia is Best
And it will b best forever.

  • Arun

Atul Ganguly, 24 Jan 2010Complete gmail/yahoomail settings- Account name- Gmail/Yahoo Ma... moreI am not able to dowload my yahoo mails with the same setting.... error showing Connecting Failed. butbI am able to surf internet with te same phone L700