Samsung L700

Samsung L700

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  • amandeep 13213

i want to by l700 pls tel me about battrey performence,,,call recording feature,maessage alert tone change... speaker louder or not????????????

  • Anonymous

hey...??can u please tell me how to down load games here,please....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2009Hello.......... can any 1 tell me , how much is the talk time of... moretalktime of L700 -9.5hrs

  • game

is the speaker loud?

  • Anonymous

Hello.......... can any 1 tell me , how much is the talk time of this phone ? ? ?

  • Gavina

baddro, 20 Jan 2009message alert: how to chenge soundsHere's : Settings>> Phone Profiles >> Normal >>OPTIONS >> (2) Edit >> Message Alert Type

hope Help

  • GaviNa

Its' great phone, Metal cover , 3G, and Low Price are what make me buy it. Yes PC Connect and 2 MB Camera is worth for less than 120$ Gagdet

  • baddro

message alert: how to chenge sounds

  • Rahul india

Is there any CD for PC synchr coming in the kit??

  • janakiraman

good mobile model with low price
kindly provide themes & soft ware for this model ...

  • Anonymous

kindly provide themes for l700 mobile ...

  • sam saleh

Hi, Iam using L700 but i have trouble with network please advise and enjoying all other features especially voicemail

  • L700DE

Can a Call can be recorded?
Can a mp3 tone be setted as message tone and how?

  • L700DE

can any body tell how a call conversation can be recorded?
can mp3 tones can be set as message tones and how?
is there any help-line toll free india

  • Kumar Mylavarapu

NITHYA, 27 Dec 2008i want l 700 market valueI bought this L-700 for Indian Rupees 7500. with a bill and 1 year warranty.

  • Bert

1. Has this phone voice recorder/ and can it record during a call?
2. Is call register tabed (All calls/Made/Received/Missed) and accesible with single push of "Call" button?


  • The Carphone Warehou

ARS, 18 Jan 2009Folks, can messenger - such as Skype, MSN, AIM, Yahoo be install... moreNo, Skype cannot be installed on this handset... most 3 mobiles come with that feature pre-installed though, so no need to look for a "skype phone" just buy a 3 phone =)

  • ARS

Folks, can messenger - such as Skype, MSN, AIM, Yahoo be installed in L700? Please let me know ASAP... I searched Skype for mobiles and it shows a list of compatible Skype models but not this one... Is there a proxy site where SKype or Skype equivalent ones can be installed?

Also, can one of you please give me the best websites that has business related softwares that can be installed in L700...

  • UDE

Ay, 05 Jan 2009I have this phone. The battery talktime is poor and the pictures... moreIf in T9 or WORD mode u can't write this underscore symbol, "_". Select ABC mode from RIGHT soft key,then Press Key-1 repeatedly to select that symbol. Or,Select SYMBOL mode from RIGHT soft key and choose desired symbol. Try please!

  • trey

does anyone know where to buy the accessories like crystal or rubber casing of samsung L700