Samsung looking to deliver a graphene battery smartphone within two years

Yordan, 13 August 2019

When Samsung introduced a battery technology using graphene to make lithium-ion batteries last longer, everyone was praising and welcoming the future, despite the astronomical cost of production, which made it unfeasible in mass produced devices.

According to Evan Blass, the Korean giant is actually on the verge of unveiling a device with a graphene battery “either next year or 2021”.

Samsung looking to deliver a graphene battery smartphone within two years

Graphene, as a material, is highly conductive and elastic, touted as the future since its discovery as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries back in 2004. It is a form of carbon that can be implemented in smaller, slimmer battery packs with higher capacity, faster charging and powering speeds, without a massive difference in its surface temperature.

However, as any breakthrough technology, the graphene batteries are also extremely expensive. Blass said that while Samsung might have an actual product, the company still needs to work on raising capacities and lowering production costs, but we shouldn’t be surprised if we see the phone before a Bixby Home device or Half-Life 3.



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  • Anonymous

I'm sure the s10 has higher charging cycles than the s9 Before it starts degrading

My comment on graphene is based on a science program i saw on CBC several months ago and it would be quite the revolution if pulled off as indicated.

  • Santa

I am request for Samsung please 2020- All A series- metal body please please📲