Samsung M100

Samsung M100

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  • Anonymous

Today,you can barely fit 1 32MB WAV file :)

  • Grant

Does anyone remember what songs were on the phone when it was sent from the factory? One of them has been playing in my head for 14 years, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

  • AnonD-510167

rizz, 10 Aug 2013wow.. announced in 2000 with mp3 playback. must be a great excit... moreIt was...i paid almost £400 for it.

  • AnonD-510167

affairica, 17 Aug 2013Could you set mp3 music as ringtone in this one? It'd be stupid ... moreYes you could, but with 32mb ram You had to use mp3s in the lowest format possible to get 8-10 songs (96kbps)...I bought this back in 2001 and it cost £399.99.


i want to buy this phone ... wow amazing ..

  • AnonD-272578

This is the best Mobiles

  • Anonymous

I had that in 2000 and was proud of it!!! actualy it works even today

  • affairica

Could you set mp3 music as ringtone in this one? It'd be stupid if you could listen to music but not actually use mp3 songs as ringtones...

  • rizz

wow.. announced in 2000 with mp3 playback. must be a great excitment of that time.

  • Anonymous

one of the worlds most fantastic cellphones

  • KSV

Samsung M100 is my first MP3 player phone and I enjoy that phone works for me better for the 7 years with out any trouble.

  • shoaib

this is my first phone in my no comment.....

  • jesus

Razor, 09 May 2007MP3?????????? LOLmine plays mp16s bro

  • Amin007110

HaHa, Still working for me. The body was broken under a car tire, but i reassembled it with tape :D

  • Anonymous

I owned one of these on contract with one to one, here in the uk. Great phone and one of the first with mp3 support. loved every second of ownership before i moved onto the nokia 8310. thumbs up from me :)

  • Abhinav

Rock is on

  • Jagarlamudi Kalyan


This was my second phone. I loved it and was proud to have an MP3 player in a phone. Phone design was basic and boring. Build quality was surprisingly good for a Samsung. The keypad and the keys were plasticky for my taste. Best part was the quality earphones and the remote control. 32MB for music, in 2001, was not bad for a mobile phone. The screen was tacky and not to my liking. Legibility in sunlight was poor. Excellent reception and call handling. Battery life was better than most phones but could hardly last for 2 hours of continuous music player usage. Still, it was unique and stood it's own against the Nokias and Motorolas and Ericssons.

  • will lau

Actually Fasial, the first Siemens Phone with an MP3 player was the SL45, followed by the SL45i which was followed suit by the SL42

  • Faisel

I can't believe that this was the 1st Samsung phone with an MP3 Player built inside it! The other retro phone with an MP3 player inside was a Siemens SL42, I think.

  • Anonymous

very good phoe