Samsung M3200 Beat s

Samsung M3200 Beat s

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  • spooky
  • XA6
  • 11 May 2022

Shadow, 24 Mar 2015Great had been using it since a long time now nd suddenly i... morehi looking for a samsung m3200 to buy please but it must atleast come on you can contact me on 0826252468. thank you

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    • Shadow
    • Nvb
    • 24 Mar 2015

    Great had been using it since a long time now nd suddenly it says insert sim even if it's in...?.?

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      • Missy
      • Nhg
      • 25 Feb 2014

      can M3200 download watsapp?

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        • bones
        • 3Jn
        • 28 Sep 2013

        i hav a samsung m3200 it wrk fine but nw i cnt hear any incomeing calls any 1 no or cn help

          • A
          • Austin
          • rvG
          • 23 Sep 2013

          once i download facebook messenge 3.3.1 my 4ni do switch itself off and on can this 4ni work on this version?

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            • TSHEGO
            • mcj
            • 11 Dec 2012

            Miss Kate , 24 Jan 2011My M3200 keeps on switching it self on and off. i tried eve... morehy,kate i hv what u need jst save ur data in sd-card..because the number that i wil gave u wil clear every data that ws *2767*3855# then ur phne wl b reset n u problem wl b solvd....add maleka tshegofatso via fb for more info

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              • Myron
              • 0wq
              • 03 Nov 2012

              This is the best 4n i have had.i like everything about it

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                • big time cam
                • fje
                • 08 Oct 2012

                miqz, 23 Feb 2012My top buttons don't wanna work and I wanted to know if the... morego to da samsung care cntre nd tell dem da fix it!

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                  • jahcoolder
                  • fuS
                  • 22 Aug 2012

                  Mahindra, 20 May 2012My samsung m3200 music player can not play,it says contents... moreMusic player say content not supported try this for my phone it worked go to phone profiles select silent mode then go to games and more start an application chose yes when it say play sound in silent mode then press play button when the application has started .now play the song and select no when it demand sound in silent will open the mp window then play the song choose yes wen it demand again.(While song is playin)press back and change the profile to any mode.thats it enjoy (Jakhuda)

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                    • nana
                    • NaK
                    • 27 Jul 2012

                    i just lyk the speakers bt evrything mst be thrwn in da bin

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                      • fiso
                      • f0p
                      • 22 Jul 2012

                      sam, 12 Oct 2010My music player stoped working,when i press play it froze a... moreMy phone has problem if i want to go to the internet it keeps on saying powerd access or sometimes a picture of the earth and it looks like it loading but it keeps on and on,plz help me.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • fjS
                        • 02 Jul 2012

                        im enjoying using samsung beat m3200 and i like the feactures of it

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                          • ....
                          • NaD
                          • 22 Jun 2012

                          Anonymous, 23 May 2012my m3200 doesnt go into internet what should i do Trow It In The Bin lol

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                            • Anonymous
                            • fum
                            • 23 May 2012

                            my m3200 doesnt go into internet what should i do

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                              • Mahindra
                              • NaK
                              • 20 May 2012

                              My samsung m3200 music player can not play,it says contents not supported.but if u play through files it will play.

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                                • Zico
                                • 14 May 2012

                                zama, 13 Oct 2010My samsung phone doesnt wanna upload profile pictures when ... moreMy M3200 doesnt allow me to upload photos on facebook. What must I do?

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                                  • Mandundu
                                  • fj}
                                  • 10 May 2012

                                  This is a good phone i like all fectures about it.

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                                    • Tpjezy
                                    • 0wq
                                    • 18 Apr 2012

                                    if yo top buttonz arent wrkng..then i thnk it may be that u need to change the belt

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                                      • gabby
                                      • fm@
                                      • 19 Mar 2012

                                      Gear, 10 Oct 2011Hi there, please can you tell me which part of my m3200 is ... moreyes it will work

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                                        • miqz
                                        • wMH
                                        • 23 Feb 2012

                                        Douglas MacRae, 05 Jun 2010What network are you with? If you are on Orange Go To the o... moreMy top buttons don't wanna work and I wanted to know if there's a code for it can anyone help ???