Samsung M3200 Beat s

Samsung M3200 Beat s

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  • babak

design design design, where do you go!!

  • design opinion

I dont know why would samsung design such a phone . . . Very bad looking and for the fact that it is a music phone it should met design requirements just like lively color, new design concept and beautiful interface. Its the dullest music phone ever made.

  • Anonymous

Who is gona buy this thing.......

  • shadowed_angst

Specs are good enough (obviously better than W200) except for the video. QCIF 30fps would've made it a bit better. I hope it looks better in person. Lower price than competing sliders in its class will make Samsung sell more of this.

  • G

The design of the front just seems a bit phones usually look more interesting than that.

Nice specs though except the QCIF video.

  • Amir

Wow another shit random phone by a big phone company