Samsung M3200 Beat s

Samsung M3200 Beat s

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  • Binny

Hey m lukin forward to buy dis fone..there are only 3 things dat i luk in a mobile
1) Awesum Sound
2) Gud picture clarity
3) Battery backup
Wud dis be d best fone for me to buy?
Else i also hav Sony Ericsson 580i in ma mind(but it has issues of low quality keypad n i text a lot)
which phone shud i go for?

  • saba

wat about its music quality?Is it loud or not?Can I shoot video recording continuously in this? wat about video songs?

  • Benjamin

Can some1 help me out with the procedure to Activate Mobile Tracker 2.0 on my Samsung Mobile?Pliz am confused with the settings...

  • lito

how is posible 400hs of stand-by and 7hr of talk time with 800mh? sorry for my english.

  • slimberry

I really dont understand why people are critisizing the design of this phone....
I love it. One of the better looking phones on the market. Definately different from others, and hopefully the BATTERY LIFE is long enough to support it's Music player. This phone will look great on my B&O head phones

  • Anonymous

hi guys

i work for o2 and had a demo of this phone last week, it really is brilliant. its being released on o2 on pay as you go for 89.99. Im getting one cos i love it

  • Roderick

Hi!What really does ICE power mean?Would also like to know how much does it cost (in US $)...Would som1 assist me 'bout M3200 Beat....Plizzzzzz.......

  • Anonymous

Sam N91 owner, 25 Sep 2008@GSM Arena Staff: Sir, Where is Audio Quality Test? We can't ... moreabsolutely agree with you.

  • saba

rwhich phone has loudest music player nokia 3600 or nokia 5610 or samsung M3200 BEATS or LG KF510.plz reply me.

  • Sam N91 owner

@GSM Arena Staff: Sir, Where is Audio Quality Test?

We can't purchase a music phone just like that ...

Can you post an update later? Please ...

  • Da_SyC

samsung has ever been good when it comes to loudness, and even ice power can't save top the likes of 611nav which is the loudest phone to date - even LG phones sound better

  • ChrisB

design is a rip off from se w595 wiv the shake control features, stereo speaker's & vibrant colour on the back of slider

  • Insider

This handset will only cost 80 on payas you go, thats with o2....

  • Anonymous

the phone has Ice Power, from Bang& Olufsen. the sound (volume and fidelity) from the stereo speakers is absolutely amazing. is not the most innovative design, but the display is great, the materials are great and the finnishing is even better.

  • Dani

Nice Features, not a fan of the slider though

  • 5ushi

I'm not sure Samsung (or Anycall in that matter) is planning to release a YEPP branded phone yet... Really wish they would though... Would be a direct rival to Sony Ericsson's WALKMAN portfolio... Maybe a SAMSUNG phone under the digimax brand (samsung's camera division)? I would immediately buy a samsung with the yepp and digimax brand attached...

Why would they use the B&O DSP when samsung has a decent one already on their MP3s that they could incorporate onto their phones..?

  • Shou Ji

DNSe 2.0
(Digital Natural Sound Engine)

Platform :
- Restore the Best Sonic Experience to the End User
- Higher quality sound with more natural effort than conventional method's by reproducing the "genuine" stereo sound intended by the music content creators
- Offer realistic stereo and deep bass sound

Feature :
- Natural Sound Stereo
- 3D Surround
- Deep Bass Resonance
- Acoustic Fidelity
- Restore Missing Fundamental Psycho-Acoustic
- Numerous Presets and Auto EQ
- Music Enhancer

  • Jack Sparrel

Like Samsung Mobiles!This phone lacks design,keypay looks awkward,if Samsung could come out with better design,& what about getting the Cam behind the top panel so that I can stay hidden when slide down (Protecting the Lens)then this phone would be doing real gr8!!Overall I already knew this phone would've gr8 features like all Samsung phones do.Thanks..........

  • Sahil...!

I dont know why the slide phones are manufactured by all the manufacturers ...when they are aware that the life of slide phones are short as compared to flips and candy bars .... and sansung has disappointed this time as the lokks are very normail may be once teh handset are rolled out than it will be honest to comment on looks ....but teh picture of the handset is not too convincing ... good for low budget people ..... should cost around US $150 and 8500 rupees ..

  • f480

This is very good phone. Well for music is the best.