Samsung M3200 Beat s

Samsung M3200 Beat s

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  • Anonymous

I'm thinking about buying this phone, but it's not available in the stores here, so I will have to go buy it through the Internet. But the problem of that is that I cannot see how big it is and how it really looks. Can anyone refer me to a (Youtube)vid so I can maybe guess how it looks in real life? Or name a phone that is equal in size, because it's hard for me to imagine how big the phone is with just the numbers (Right now the phone seems quite thick compared to other phones. The other size-dimensions seem to be okay, average I suppose....)

Also, how fragile is the phone? You think it will break fast if you dropped it a couple of times? (although the size might make you think otherwise..I think)

  • Anonymous

In portugal it coast 120!!

  • kritikossss

in cyprus the price is 145 using the phone two weeks and everything is ok.the price is really good for this phone

  • Antigoni

In Greece this sells for 158.60 Euros

  • Anonymous

I was told that it would be around $200us

  • BB

is it really worth it to buy this phone as i might be intersted?

  • jamie

layla , 25 Nov 2008does the chrome on this moblie peel off like the shietty samsung u700?Yes, for sure it will.

  • qni

can you tell me a price please in Us,because i'm wondering

  • christian parrott

cool love it i am asking father Christmas for one

you all rock id love it if i could have one please send me one

  • layla

does the chrome on this moblie peel off like the shietty samsung u700?

  • ana

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2008Who is gona buy this thing.......I just got it and its grate!!!!! really happy with it

  • Anonymous

how much does this phone cost?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2008hi guys i work for o2 and had a demo of this phone last week,... morei have this phone and everything is great about the phone but i cant seem to change the tone of incoming messages all you get is a very low beeping noise

  • Shino03

Binny, 27 Oct 2008Hey m lukin forward to buy dis fone..there are only 3 things dat... more1) Awesome Sound quality- Even though this phone have a Bang & Olufsen ICEPower amplifier or whatsoever, gsmarena confirmed that this phone doesn't give a better audio quality but just reduced power consumption.

2) Good picture quality- The image quality is barely passable.

3) I don't know about the battery???

In conclusion, I don't think this is the phone you are looking for....

If you are looking for Awesome Sound quality,Good picture quality and a battery backup, I think the best phone for you would be W902. Besides good music capabilities which have the same audio quality of Sony Ericsson W980( which is almost identical to that of Apple's dedicated music player - the omnipresent iPod. ), the W902 boasts a 5 megapixel autofocus camera and it has a good battery life too.

If you don't prefer high-end phones, you can always check the midrange. The sony ericsson T650 also meets your criteria but the decision is yours. If you like this phone, then get it. Hope I help.

  • jaykabz

thought it looked shit online but i work for o2 nd av checked this phone out, it looks really good in real life, online it looks flimsey, but its a solid phone, if you store the photos on ur phone nd dont print them out then it actually pretty good quality. video i must say has let the phone down abit. it a pretty good phone to be honest. its not as bad as you think, sounds really good , it does what it says with the music. check it out in ur nearest o2 shop before you judge this phone you will be pretty suprised. i rate it 7 out of 10, for the overall item. but dont expect it 2 be like an .... if musics what ur after its a gud en x hope this was useful chow x

  • bloop

this phone is soooooo cool I wish I had it

  • NTOH

sarajane, 28 Oct 2008looks like they are adapting their selves to be more like sony. ... moresarajane i really dont think they copied anything, i think you just a fan of sony thats y, i olso use sony but getting dc fone


i think dc is a lovely fone and m deffinately getting in next month,, samsung this fone rocks the price is good and the quality is leka so pips lets go get it

  • vaseto

It's like samsung yp-s5 but with sim-card XD,
for me this is a excellent phone :)

  • sarajane

looks like they are adapting their selves to be more like sony. Putting music into their handsets. Soon enough they will all be like sony because lets face it they are the best.