Samsung M3200 Beat s

Samsung M3200 Beat s

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  • Georgia

Anyone of you, users out there has tried to save sms on phones memory or not?
Anyone who receives a quite big number of sms??? Do you delete them? I need to know the capacity in sms memory... please?

  • Georgia

Does anybody know how many sms can be saved on the phones memory?

  • Adrian

Brilliant phone, Samsung has really outdone themselves, this phone compared to the Nokia Express Music is definately a better phone, stylish and user freindly, Good Stuff Samsung

  • Anon

Love this fone. Very fast at responding to everything and the battery life is brilliant. Good memory and I have got an 8GB. Love the shake and play, use the dice for a decision maker!!! You can pick your lottery numbers as well. You can download pics to the memory card straight away instead of going into the phone memory, and that is to go into your memory card settings and go into default, and choose the memory card option. And it wasn't that expensive either!!!!

  • Bobby

Battery is fantastic m8. even when playing tunes takes a while for the battery 2 go dead!!!

  • Jermain

Can u Expand the memory on this little beauty. thinkin of gettin this instead of the n96. Credit crunch n all that

  • Anonymous

what about the battery life of this phone? please answer me. thanks!!!

  • Anonymous

Confused>>>, 22 Jan 2009Im happy with the phone, but playing songs thru the music player... moreVery nice and powerful. only had it for two day, but i am already in love with it. Very nice keep it up samsung

  • Anonymous

I'm not sure whether to get this phone because I have heard from many people that Samsung phones give a lot of problems. The lady in the store seemed to disagree. The other phone I'm looking at is a Nokia 7210 Supernova which isn't as nice but I think it might be more reliable. Can anyone give me advice?

  • Anon

This fone is very similar to the G600, but a lot faster. It hasn't got a theme creator though. Very nice fone.

  • Confused>>>

Im happy with the phone, but playing songs thru the music player in says " content nit supported" this normal for the phone to do this???????????,the songs play perfectly thru the files, but not in the music player.

  • Positive Hopelessnes

Hi. I got this phone has been two weeks. Bought it for a friend actually. I wanted to know how or where in the world i can get a language firmware to add the Simplified chinese language. Even if it can't be typed its fine good as long as it can be read in the sms reader. Please help out.
Otherwise i love the phone. Probably wouldn't give it away if i had bought it for myself in the first place. Speed of samsung software is a bit slow but the sound is amazingly nice and got the speakers with it wich are really good.

  • sky759

jamie, 11 Jan 2009i bought one for 49.99 thats scottish pounds and love this phone... morefree games and wallpapers and ringtones on

  • jamie

jaykabz, 13 Nov 2008thought it looked shit online but i work for o2 nd av checked th... more * jaykabz you said you work in a 02 phone do you know how to change the contacts button and the button you push to load up wap as like other guy said keep hitting that darn button lol

  • jamie

i bought one for 49.99 thats scottish pounds and love this phone it on the 02 uk network can some one plz email me were to find good games but i see the jar size of a file game you cant go over it so cant play guitar hero 3 wish i could change jar size lol

  • leonidas

I have the phone for two weeks and i like it very-very much!
But i do not know how to change themes to menu screen!
Can i download some themes???
Anyway,buy the phone everyone!!
It is very good!!!!!!!!!!

  • lia

Does any1 with the m3200 have problems with mxit like me? plz help

  • Anonymous

In Pakistan Its Free

  • Anonymous

I have taken out this handset about 2 weeks now and its the bomb - firstly the handset is really cheap - has alot of features - Comes with the best Stero - the speakers thats included ( external speakers ) is just the bomb - Trust me its louder then the 6110 Navigator - The look and feel of the phone is just suberb - WELL DONE SAMSUNG .......

  • James

Just got this phone, and although the specs look OK there are a bunch of things that turn this phone from being great into being terrible:

SD Card under battery
Can't change menu buttons
Can't access menus when music is playing (on o2 UK version because they've changed the menu button into a useless o2 internet button)
Constantly accidentally accessing internet because of above button (your credit will dissappear if on PAYG
Although it has music control buttons, the phone locks these when you close the slider, so you have to open the phone to change tracks. Why bother with the shortcut buttons in the first place?!?!?