Samsung M5650 Lindy

Samsung M5650 Lindy

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  • Dubai faisal

Why you mad No Video call ?????? i want Video call second cam front

  • MVK

Oh god, the mid-area for touch screen phone is sooooooooooooooo HOT now!!! waiting for a cheaper one =))

  • Anonymous

Nokia 5230 u r dead before u r born.Here only lives SAMSUNG 5650

  • Mallikarjun

Would be best if had S60 OS like i450

  • D

to =vol=

Regarding your serch for phoes with am stations, try searching on the ericssons lineup. R stands for Radio FYI.
This phone is definitely something. Corby price, Wifi, 3g plus dedicated music buttons. Winner

  • tgm91

Verry good, trough ... 3.5 mm jack and an flash 4 the camera would be good.... Also the battery could use an upgrade.. S5230 stays one week in standby with medium ussage.. and it says it stays 700, but this, that says it stays only 300... 3 days perhaps

  • Nevin Joseph

=vol=, 07 Dec 2009is there any cellphone out there that has a am radio station? it... moreLG has already introduced this concept in its KM330 model. Just check out the spec if you want to. It's got both FM and Am receiver.

  • uk26

=vol=, 07 Dec 2009is there any cellphone out there that has a am radio station? it... moreIt will be better if keypad is laid out like that of a calculator for fast/easy input, as in the numeric pad of the computer keyboard. (7-8-9 keys at the top and 1-2-3 at the bottom) It will be possible to configure in a touchscreen, i think. Is there any way we can get it done, or by making manufacturers aware of good suggestions/ideas?

  • N

Nice feature
nice design
this phone is succesor of corby, right?

  • No gps

no gps :/

  • =vol=

is there any cellphone out there that has a am radio station? its always fm station are only available in all brands. i like to have a am radio station. i like to hear more on news. guys all brands of cellphone pls invent this, to be unique to others. this is one thing to add your marketing strategies

  • b

corby with wifi like everyone else said?

  • ced

wow. nice phone ^^

  • Luís Aguiar

A better battery will be a nice upgrade to this one :)

  • Luís Aguiar

It's already on the market, by the Portuguese operator TMN, It cames with wifi, 3g videocall and excluive keys for mp3 player. It's an very affordable device with nice features for only 149,90€. It's very very similar in the design with the Samsung Corby, but it's called Samsung Lindy M5650. For more info go to the official site of TMN (it's in portuguese)

  • R@K€B

corby ........

  • Justin

An upgrade of the Corby I would say.