Samsung M620

Samsung M620

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  • TC16

i ges its to be a cheap music phöne £50
but cant be as good as the w350

  • Sam

How about LG KF700? This is only available at O2 but i heard so many things about this phone.

  • Help

im upgrading but i heard that this phone has a bit of a quality problem. can anyone recommend a different phone?

looks are important but it only lasts a few weeks. good quality lasts for years. anyone?

  • Kaoni

Damn samsung. There was so many problems with this phone I returned it and got a new one and now a different problem. First problem was it sudddenly turn itself off. and now no connection to my bluetooth. what the hell samsung. make some quality phones!

Hey everyone. don't buy this phone until Samsung fixes this problem.

  • Anonymous

Like a really good looking E250...!!

  • Coma

This is a free phone with a 2 year contract.

  • Anonymous

wow i love the design! it's a very simple phone but i just wish that they added more to it

  • Anonymous

I think this phone looks quite nice but the camera on it is wretched.

  • rakeb

also this samsung like nokia beautiful but nokia color more samsung beautiful