Samsung Max launches to replace Opera Max, a VPN with data protection

Opera Max was pre-loaded on several Galaxy handsets, but the data-saving VPN service shut down last year. If you miss it, Samsung made its own version and it’s available today on the Play Store – download it here.

Samsung Max has two key features that you can enable individually. First is Data Saving Mode. It can actively compress web pages and multimedia (images, videos, music) accessed by the browser or apps. It also tracks apps’ data usage so it will help you pinpoint data hogs. If you don’t want Max working for all apps, you can enable it just for the worst offenders.

Samsung Max will optimize your data use

Then there’s Privacy Protection Mode, for those times when all you need to connect to an unknown Wi-Fi hotspot. It encrypts the traffic, fights off trackers and provides a DNS masking service.

Samsung Max helps keep your browsing private

Samsung Max will be pre-loaded on all Galaxy A and Galaxy J phones in the following countries: India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. Existing phones can download it from the Play Store or Galaxy Apps.


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  • Anonymous

I can agree to some extent. Googles apps are annoying. I don't like the photos app nor do I care for its dialer, contacts, Files? (yeah right), music. Don't even get me started on chrome. Only google apps I use on the daily is youtube and maps. ...

Anything BUT Opera. Opera is the biggest Advertising engine these days within the browsers - its unusable. They've screwed up big time

  • Anonymous

Remember Chaton. It was perfect. It messaged, video called, phone called sent pictures, video, files,location, had a web interface, was cross platform. I only have the paid media opinion that it was no good. Truth is snapple, farcebook, whastcr@p, po...