Samsung Z Flip3 to have midrange chipset, lower price

Enrique, 29 December 2020

Samsung is about to introduce some big shifts to its lineup in 2021, starting with the S Pen-supporting Galaxy S21 this January. Meanwhile the Galaxy Z Fold3 will be the Korean company's proper flagship in H2, and now we add some info about the successor to the Galaxy Z Flip (5G). A report suggests Samsung may equip the next Z Flip model with a mid-range chipset and make it its most affordable foldable to date.

A report from Galaxy Club details a model number that’s intended to be assigned to a future Galaxy Z Flip model: SM-F720F. While the “F” signifies that specified model is an international variant, the absence of a “B” also lets us know this new model won’t bring 5G support.

Samsung might position Z Flip3 as a mid-range foldable

A 4G model is a sign that the base Z Flip phone will be positioned lower than its predecessor, which all used Snapdragon 800 series chipsets. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip was priced at $1,449 when it launched, and the Z Fold2 was $1,999. We'll see how much lower the Z Flip3 can go

Still, even if Samsung wanted to make “mid-range foldables” a thing, we can’t imagine prices falling to three digits in the current market.



Reader comments

A sure shot flop even before its launch if it lands with a mid range processor, its sales will be dead soon after launch just like previous mode whether less expensive or not. I would like to see a Note 20 Ultra kind of flip phone with spen

ehm why midrange stuff... i had ZFlip shortly and hated its fake flagship spec, like USB2 only, 60Hz and poor cam. But it was Snapdragon at least and only 180g heavy, sweet! I want this to be like Note to be folded. With spen of course. Then we'...

  • Anonymous
  • 06 Feb 2021
  • wcf

wait....hold up. where's Flip 2?

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