Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

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  • azu_ichi

better-than-iPad wannabe?

  • Kerplunq

first off, you guys should know, once a new idea is released, EVERYONE will be jumping on the ban wagon to get their product out there to make money!

Samsung made a descent looking device here...Though I would love to see people dumb enough to walk around using this as a phone!!! The sad thing is, you know someone will actually do it :D

  • Manu

Good phone for seeing movies like my tv

  • Anonymous

this is a first phone with 7 inch screen i think
its huge just look at the picture­res-3370.php

  • Dash

Thats it ... thats the end of the Ipad!!!

  • Anonymous

Huge device

  • uncle sam

this thing is so disgusting!! 97% copying iPad!!

  • Hasnain Iqbal

you have to purchase a backpack before buying this tv screen.What a nonsense waste of time and technology.


First. Another Tab!? Wow... for a product that has no defined market or purpose there are a lot of tabs coming out!!

  • Rima

I love it .

Well done sammy .

  • vidaal

now wat is this, is it a sag of rice

  • Anonymous

This is not a dedicated mobile phones dudes, this is a MID device with telephony option. It's the same idea behind the Dell Streak you know ;))

  • Nawaz

ohh god what a giant cell phone where i will keep it ? my pocket is not that big .....

  • Anonymous

OMG Samsung shamelessly copied the ipad! But I have to say the specs look promising, heck since when were apple known for their good specs?

  • Dakkk

quite interesting, not bad at all. If it is cheap I like it.