Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-49162, 04 Apr 2012Why my tab is lagging always. I think the RAM is not enough. How... moreI don't think that you can increase your RAM. it is fixed in the hardware part. so better sell your tab and buy a new galaxy note or 7.7 tab :)

  • iDoGGy

this is not fair! :( My friend's Samsung Google Nexus S is getting an updgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich and my Galaxy Tab 7 GT-P1000 won't get an update! :( whhyyyyyyy??? they both have the same power when it comes to processor.. so why won't they update it? :(

  • AnonD-49162

micks21, 04 Apr 2012is the tab(p1000) can upgrade the OS version up to 4.o(ice cream... moreSamsung just declared that the p1000 is not up-gradable to Ice cream sandwich but their will be an upgrade to give us some features of an ice cream sandwich! So better to wait!

  • micks21

is the tab(p1000) can upgrade the OS version up to 4.o(ice cream)? thanks in advance?

  • AnonD-49162

Why my tab is lagging always. I think the RAM is not enough. How to increase the RAM, or is there's any applications to make my tablet fast, with playing games and other applications. In advance, thank you very much for your reply! And I'm using gingerbread.

  • ivan ^^

why it is so laggy? i think the RAM is not enough. Is theirs any applications to make the tab fast like before? And I'am using gingerbread. and when i Play and some games temple run it hangs!, and i need to shut down it!. Tnx!' :DD

  • 1n4n

tim, 03 Apr 2012my tab is too slow when turning on and also when opening photos,... moreinstall app2sd move all application from main memory to sdcard (65% more faster n stable)

  • AnonD-49076

nadeesa, 03 Apr 2012does it supports voice calling Yes. it supports.

  • AnonD-49076

Charged my Tablet for 1hour.
My battery level remain the same.
But, the battery sign display charging.
what the hell is going on?
this is not 1st time, few last time i just switch off and on than it's okay. But this time it won't works!

  • nadeesa

does it supports voice calling

  • tim

my tab is too slow when turning on and also when opening photos, browser etc... anything i can do to make it faster?

  • slimzee

My question is i've not been able to receive mails on my galaxy tab for the past three days.though i can check my mails through the long process, but i'll prefer if it can be dropping on my fone.

Please what can i do to get this fixed.

  • Wafa Khan

I have the Galaxy Tab P1000, it's quite good, but i'm unable to connect it to PC

  • Rudeboy

AnonD-44156, 28 Feb 2012i m glad to be a part of samsung family..i want to know , how i ... moremake sure when you connect on the screen of your tab you also press mount thats when it will show on your pc, but also make sure your usb setting is put on mass storage

  • rudeboy

Glad, 13 Mar 2012Can i install Photoshop onto it?yes you can install photoshop

  • Rudeboy

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2012i bnought samsung galaxy tab in bangkok how to open the bluetoothGo to the app for settings, then click on wireless & networks then click on bluetooth settings then click on turn on bluetooth, thats it.

  • Rudeboy

AnonD-47746, 24 Mar 2012Hi,iam using samsung galaxy tab P1000 which is 3G.I am in saudia... morehey Kun jack your tab could be slow because your internet setting is on gsm only so what you can do is simply click the app for settings then click wireless & networks. then click mobile networks, then click on network mode when you reach there you will find 3 options to select choose one, either "gsm/wcdma (auto mode)" or "wcdma only" these to will help you browse faster. if you have any other questions you can email me on

  • Rudeboy

angelic, 24 Mar 2012what is gt gingerbreadGingerbread is the dessert-themed Android codename for the version 2.3
update of the open source Android mobile operating system. Gingerbread
made its debut in December 2010 for a variety of smartphones, introducing
Google Voice over Wi-Fi, enhanced gaming functionality and improved
Google Apps.
Gingerbread followed several earlier updates for Android Cupcake (v1.5),
Donut (v1.6), Eclair (v2.0) and FroYo (v2.2) and has since been
superseded by a more recent Android update, Honeycomb (v3.0), with an
upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich (v4.0) update currently in development.

  • Rudeboy

ibrahim, 31 Mar 2012i bought a new samsung tab p1000. how to connect it to internet.... morehey ibrahim i had the same problem with so what you can do is download apps like operamini, firefox or google chrome for your galaxy tab and they will easily connect to the internet if that doesn't tell me i can tell you something else to do.

  • ibrahim

i bought a new samsung tab p1000. how to connect it to internet. its showing check internet setting.