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Samsung P400

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Kim, 20 Jan 2008Hi, I got this phone about 4 years ago. AND IT'S STILL G... moreU still here?

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    • David
    • gNR
    • 03 Jan 2021

    Kim, 20 Jan 2008Hi, I got this phone about 4 years ago. AND IT'S STILL G... moreHello its 20211 now
    Are you alive still

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      • Anonymous
      • Yde
      • 05 Jun 2013

      I had this phone, as a pay as you go, for two years, and another three under contract. I bought the phone outright because it was inexpensive. First year of ownership I never once dropped the phone. The next four years well lets just say I have been and always will be a Samsung man. From the old style classic phones to the powerhouse s series all of them 1's to 4's I have heard nothing but praise, and they drop their phones regularly. But my p400 or as I saw on my box that it came in the a600 , it survived two drops in water fully submerged. Several drops, ( all with screen facing in and or out.) the screen never cracked. Even after its first encounter with a forklift, .... Well the screen cracked but it dialed out and received flawlessly. It took two other times being run over , the last was a bigger forklift in the warehouse I worked at. But that phone hung in there, and a recommend a Samsung for anyone wanting a good durable phone. I have a galaxy s vibrant, my roommate she likes to throw it when she's angry. No matter how hard she throws it the screen never cracks, and doesn't miss a beat.

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        • Kim
        • pXX
        • 20 Jan 2008


        I got this phone about 4 years ago. AND IT'S STILL GOING STRONG!!!! The best phone ever. All my friends phones brake once a year. I haven't had a single problem ever, and I'm still using the original battery. They all laugh at me in the bar, but who cares - I haven't had to buy a new phone every year, and who needs all the extras like 5 mp camera, internet and whatever... Its a phone, not a computer!!! I love you my darling P400...;-)

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          • Marcus
          • pJH
          • 25 May 2007

          OK, well here I am again over a year on from my last (lengthy) post (see below), and my P400 is still going strong and hasn't crashed, frozen, locked-up, hung, re-booted, lost power or annoyed me in any other way whatsoever. It has been as solid as a rock now for many years and continues to perform brilliantly at what it was designed for - SENDING AND RECEIVING PHONE CALLS AND TEXTS!!! Also, the battery life continues to impress, probably because I have taken good care of it, and have never charged it back up unless it was fully exhausted. Its life has actually gotten longer and longer over time, probably because of this. Anyway, what phones have I evaluated during my last post and this one? Well, most recently I tried for 2 weeks, as a possible replacement, a Nokia N95. It gave me nothing but trouble the entire time I had it. Trust me, I'm an I.T. support engineer and I tried updating the firmware, changing settings etc. etc. but still there were problems with Wi-fi and a load of other things too. As for making calls, well you can actually HEAR the screen when your ear is against the phone, and is not too dissimilar to that of a line output transformer (the component inside a TV that can emit a very high pitched tone you can hear) and it drove me crazy. Texting was a nightmare; changing from predictive to normal and numeric and selecting caps during those modes became very confusing and would take a very long time to fully master. Applications can be left open quite easily which slow down the phone. I could go on, but basically, the more complicated the phone, the more there is to go wrong, or indeed to have to master. I fix PC's all day so I hardly want to come home and have to do the same on my damn PHONE for gods sake!! It was pretty much the same story on any other phone I have tried. And one last thing, I have never, ever tired of 'Bubble-smile', a game I have played on the my P400 since I got it! So, to all you P400 owners out there thinking of upgrading, think twice before you do, and at the very least, give any new phone a thorough evaluation!

          See you again in another year!

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            • samsung
            • 4h{
            • 04 Feb 2007

            it look like a jackhammer shark to me but its a really awesome fone

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              • ashner
              • w0Q
              • 04 Feb 2007

              hi!... i got his phone out of curiosity... but lately i found it cool and elegant to see..but i found it hard to make sa messaging and some calls...but still damn cool...

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                • kent
                • SsV
                • 22 Mar 2006

                really exciting phone.i like it very much.It is similar to V200 by design and functions.Only p400 has java and some improved camera functions.These two phones are simply great!!!i like its design,it is really atractive and beautiful.

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                  • Miro
                  • Ttp
                  • 03 Feb 2006

                  Hi! I am from Bulgaria, and i have a P400 and i think, if this model is so old, and now this phone not use! Now i am happy, because there people whit this phone!!! Please write me on ! Thank's!:)

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                    • Marcus
                    • iLN
                    • 04 Jan 2006

                    Get this people. It hasn't got bluetooth, mp3, 2.0Mp camera, TFT, blah blah blah, BUT, and here is the but: I have just returned a D600 AND e720 because they weren't as good at being a PHONE than my good old faithful P400. I will elaborate..First of all, in my area, i get 4 to 6 bars on the signal strength meter on the P400 with it's supposedly 'old-fashioned' aerial. Pah, ok the e720 was very nearly the same, maybe slightly lower, but the D600 was only giving me 2 bars. Assuming the scale is the same, then i question new phones' aerials abilities, oh sorry, the aerial is built in for aesthetics, not functionality! Second, you all know that when typing a T9 text, that certain words use the same key-presses as other words, e.g. home and good, he and if etc. Well, if you type a text quickly like i do without looking at the screen and then make the corrections at the end (i.e. go back and change the T9 duplicate words using the up/down cursor keys) then it is a doddle on the P400, just go back to the word, either at the beginning or end of it, use up or down cursor and it instantly changes and then with further presses scrolls through the same keypress variants, e.g. good,home,gone,hood etc. eureka! Brilliant software; so you'd think that having moved on a couple of years that it'd somehow be improved eh? WRONG!!! You can go back on the e720 and correct words but only using the zero key at the end of the word. Incredibly, on the D600, there was NO WAY OF CORRECTING A WORD!!! It can only be done at the time you type it, not good for fast texting and incredibly infuriating! I'm sorry, but the primary function of a phone is to be a phone (well, and text), and believe me people, coming from a techno-geek, the P400 is unbeatable. So much so, that i have managed to track down some last of the pile brand new boxed P400's gathering dust, one of which i will be sending the D600 back to exchange for!! Newer isn't always better (in the case of it functioning as a phone and texting handset). I've owned many phones over the years, from when they were first available, and the P400 is the proverbial king. God knows what i'll do when they eventually go wrong and there are no more left!!!

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                      • Dj Dumaraos
                      • P80
                      • 15 Dec 2005

                      I've just had this phone for only 1 week now and bought it from a friend... So far, I think this phone offers all the things that you need in a mobile phone, send SMS, making calls, taking pictures, everything... I know it doesn't have a bluetooth connection, but what's the sense, always remember that moblie phones are generally used for texting and making calls, it really serves its purpose... About those people who are so worried about the wobbling flip screen, don't believe that, my friend had this phone and used it for 2 years now but still its in a very good condition... I think it depends upon the user and how they maintain it... Another thing is that this phone really has a good reception than any other phones available, and for me, that is the most important of all... It also has a classy and executive design... A graat craftmanship by SAMSUNG...

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                        • onwuka benjamin
                        • mJZ
                        • 27 Nov 2005

                        please my samsung p400 is having a net work problem .it does not receive net work. please inform me on what i can do.

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                          • jay patel
                          • mXx
                          • 20 Oct 2005

                          its one of the best phones ive had i just got it on the 20/10/2005 and im already inlove with it its a great phone and i woudent trade it so get one because they are excellent!!!!!!!!

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                            • keith
                            • PDJ
                            • 23 Sep 2005

                            am from mauritius i have a big problem concerning my p400.when i switch on my phone, i can hear my welcome tone but my screen is dark which means there`s no picture!!!thanx 4 your help.

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                              • Minh Tran
                              • PI4
                              • 10 Jul 2005

                              i'm from vietnam. i've read a website says that mobiles had support Java can load a dictionary about 7000 words ( vietnamese- english) via GPRS.
                              i've tried. but really don't how to do on my P400.
                              someone can help pls

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                                • Martis
                                • SsV
                                • 29 May 2005

                                Could you tell me about swivel display?Isn't it flimsy?

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                                  • Joni Ramos
                                  • 4CL
                                  • 14 May 2005

                                  Please i want the battery sumsung p400 thank you.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • TC}
                                    • 04 Apr 2005

                                    im P400 user
                                    but when i sent some photos into the fone as wallpaper, i cant delete... how 2 delete the wallpaper i dunwan??
                                    last time i smashed the phone n now the screen looks strange, if wanna repair need RM200 wow!!
                                    ADVICE : dun buy tis phone, u wil regret later...

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                                      • sid
                                      • AeB
                                      • 02 Apr 2005

                                      hi was wandering where i could get a lcd screen for p400 its a great phone just lov it

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                                        • bogdan gabriel
                                        • mAT
                                        • 01 Feb 2005

                                        who wants to buy this phone....170's new. i think its a great phone....Matrix rulz