Samsung P400

Samsung P400

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  • Antonija

I think it`s a great mobile phone,I would like to have one but it`s too expencive for me.Anyway it`s a very cool phone.P.S.Camera rules!!!!!!! Bay!!

  • philippines

dis fone rulz!!!!


pls tell which fone i will chose between sony ericcson z600 or samsung p400

  • fighter

the best fone evr!

  • Anonymous

if the antenna remove to the middle of the phone
then it must look like an ''AISCREAM''

  • Ziyan

I am using a Samsung P400 for about 3 months. I am a student and use it just to contact my parents and friends. It is a cool phone. I don't know how to transfer pictures which I take from the phone to the computer. But it is quite a bood phone, but gets scratched easily.

  • Anonymous

can u rotate 360 degrees?

  • Anonymous

ugly design

  • udensi clement

i need to buy a samsung p400 mobile phone.

  • Jez

This Phone has all you've ever wanted. Trust me, its an awesome phone. I advise you 2 get it!!!

  • munaf kapadiya

it is very nice phone tthere is different types facility in this phone.i want to know the price of this phone pls send me as early as piossible.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • a

cool phone

  • mike


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

i prefer V200

  • Guillermo

This phone is the ugliest. A cousin has one and the screen is falling down I prefer V200

  • mystic

never buy this phone. waste of money. i say you waste money!

  • dennis

this phone is ugly. LG 7100 much better. this phone is full of dirt!