Samsung P400

Samsung P400

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  • m
  • mystic
  • 12 Apr 2004

never buy this phone. waste of money. i say you waste money!

    • d
    • dennis
    • 12 Apr 2004

    this phone is ugly. LG 7100 much better. this phone is full of dirt!

      • p
      • pp
      • 04 Apr 2004

      only can turn 180 nia
      the new 1 can turn almost 360 liao

        • G
        • Giuseppe Moeri
        • 02 Apr 2004

        this phone is the best samsung phine out unti 2006!!!!!!!

          • j
          • joel
          • 17 Mar 2004

          i have this phone, its brilliant. the screen does not wobble at all, it is infact very sterdy. it is similar to the v200 but with a better resolution camera and the rotating scrre (+a new menu system) it is also better than the e700 as i have compared the 2 with m8s

            • N
            • Nutty
            • 13 Mar 2004

            can someone please tell me if the screen wobbles around when you play with teh phone or text, because that is the only thing that is stopping me from buying it?? is it gonna wobble??


              • F
              • FEMI Terry
              • 01 Mar 2004

              pls how can i get the software to unlock any samsung phone and how much will it cost me to have the sofware.

              Best Regards
              Femi Terry

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • 21 Feb 2004

                I would prefer the Samsung V200 and the Samsung P400

                  • M
                  • Mario
                  • 02 Feb 2004

                  i got this phone. i have it for 4 months and the screen is already switching off from time to time. dont be fooled!

                    • b
                    • bgrking
                    • 15 Jan 2004

                    its already in singapore la! read the straits times samsung page. around 4th to 10th prize will win a p400

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • 12 Dec 2003

                      will this phone be available in spore?

                        • C
                        • Cool Phone
                        • 02 Dec 2003

                        I tried this phone in the 02 shop. Firstly I love the design. Very solid and feels secure. It's kinda big and the screen rotating scares ya because you might break off the screen but apart from that it's gr8. Similar to V200 I think, but I never tried V200 but I think it's better because the rotating screen is cool and you can close the phone with the screen showing on the outside! I didn't know you could do that until I tried it :P
                        Ringtones are fab. Best ones I've heard, but virtually all Samsung phones now have 40 poly ringtones.
                        I luv this phone...I wish I bought it.

                          • e
                          • eosinolunlade
                          • 25 Nov 2003

                          i want to buy hand set

                            • c
                            • claudiu
                            • 24 Nov 2003

                            are the rotating screens stabil are dos it only make the phone bad?

                            I would very much hear some response from them there has a phone with rotating screen.

                              • n
                              • nikolas
                              • 18 Nov 2003

                              i am thinking to buy this phone in the next days!but i have one guestion!!if someone is calling me and i open the flip(i know that i can i activate it to answer it directly but i dont want this) and i see that is someone that i dont want to answer!!!what i do next?????i am staying with the flip open untill he close it or i can close the flip without ending the call!!!i mean after i open and close the flip is the phone stil ringing ???or i close the line to the person that he is calling me???!!
                              that is my guestion!!!!!
                              please if someone knows the answer, please let me know, before i go and buy it!!!

                                • K
                                • Kellyn
                                • 13 Oct 2003

                                It will be good if this have photo phonebook and photo caller-id display... But too bad its not available in Singapore..

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 02 Oct 2003

                                  Becuz you flip the screen around dumb ass

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 30 Sep 2003

                                    no second external display???why???

                                      • s
                                      • slyfox1
                                      • 26 Sep 2003

                                      can this phone send piks thru IR?

                                        • t
                                        • tmo tech
                                        • 25 Sep 2003

                                        what is this? not to far foward from the v205? why should v205 owners by this :-\