Samsung P730

Samsung P730

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  • xabika

of course you can put mp3 in this phone!
you need a cable and the software.

  • Eric

can anyone tell me if it is possible to put mp3 ringtones for this phone?

  • darko

HI...I have this telephone 1 month and then my display stopped working.I am calling from Croatia.If you could help me to find connect cable for it, becouse in my town nobady hasnt got a pieaces to repeare it.thank you

  • archie abando

Ive had this phone for 2weeks. I love the picture quality and the video quality. I never got around to the mp3 player. From what Ive been reading, alot of people had trouble transfering their songs from their computer to their phone. How do we go about doing that. Please let me know. Other than that I love the phone

  • Jenifer

Mike: You are absolutely right about this toy rip off phone. At least on european market it is a little bit cheaper than p735 for USA market. $500 for p735 ?!!!

And the phone does not even have a flash!
(the same as if there was no camera at all!)

I went to few dealer stores and also to direct T-Mobile store in New York, and both sides have told me that very few people buy this phone ( due to overpricing, and due to no flash on this phone). IF YOU PEOPLE don't believe me, then go to and see for yourself: this phone got only 9 reviews for the last 6 months!

T-Mobile representative told me that this phone is over priced mainly due to the MP3 player ( haha, what a joke). Are you kiding me? 64mb memory- you call it an MP3 player?!

Well 256k color screen phone without mp3 player usually costs around $300.
Then, what for is the extra $200 ?-in P735?
For 64mb MP3 PLAYER?!

You can buy a separate MP3 player with 64mb memory for only $40!

SHAME ON!-Samsung
2.- Horrible sound quality!

  • Mike

I bought this phone today from CTI Telekom office in New York area. I bought this phone mainly do to a high rating of this phone by the users on the other website, since I was not able to find any normal reviews of the phone on GSM arena.

I'm swear-I have this phone in my hands now and what a big joke kid's toy this is!

I thought the european models of Samsung phones have improved the unsmooth sound quality that belongs to most of the Samsung American flip phones. Well, now I see I was wrong!

-excellent color screen
-excellent design
-ease of the menu
-battery life

Irritating sound quality, ( jumps from too high to too low) feels like someone is hittin your ear on and off . On a top of that the sound quality is far away even from being clear or stereo.

What is the purpouse of wasting your money on the phone that cannot perform a basic function: naking and receiving clear calls!
Meanwhile, I suggest that you folks buy
SONY ERICSSON K700 ( my friend has it and it has some outstanding features: excellent 65k TFD color screen, and the best micropones
( you can clearly hear people and they can do the same even when you are on a very noicy street).
I'm swear this issue

  • jessica

i am looking to buying this phone but i was wondering, could you assign a different ringtone to every individual that calls ?

  • Marios Pastellopoulo

I've had this phone for 3 months now.One word:AWFUL!!!I'm really dissapointed that I've paid money for this phone.When your calling someone there are many times that you can bearly hear the conversation.It has a very weak signal and many times the line drops because of that,especially when you are inside even a house.There were many times that after I played games on the phone and then stopped I couldn't get calls.I mean for some reason the phone forwarded to the voice mail despite it was open.I had to switch it off to accept calls!Can you believe that?The infrared port doesn't seem to work anyway and there is no bluetooth so forget transfering things from other phones.The good ones about it are it's colours because of the TFD,better than d500 colours.The video and picture quality i pretty good and there's no limitation on recording video depending on how much memory you have free.Avoid buying it.Pay the same money to get a D500 which is much better!

  • Anonymous

i heard that it was a low picture quality, is this true?

  • hum luc

how uch is this phone? be good do not be bad. i love you god!

  • nukashi

i had this phone p730 for a week this is a perfect phone i want to know can we use the 1gb mmc (multi media card) with it

  • jennifer

hey sorie! ive forgot to ask if anyone can advise me on hw do i use the file manager to transfer my mp3 into my phone? 10q

  • jennifer

hey there! ive read abt all the comments abt this hp set P730C. but there has been no reply on whether this phone can set mp3 song as my ringtone? my other concern are hw do i transfer my mp3 song frm my pc to my hp despite me running the disc given by samsung? i wld appreciate if u cld also let me the short-comings of this phone coz if it is really that bad, i will want to sell it awy immediately. 10q

  • john

PLEASE HELP!!I paid for a new SGH-P735 today, and everything works great except the mp3 player, which is the main feature i wanted. I copied mp3 files from my p.c. on to the mmc card. The phone shows that the memory on the card is used, but it will not play (or even list) the mp3 files. I have tried many many different ones, and none work. The card plays them fine in my p.c. and I tested this in a friends p.c. too. The files are all mpeg layer 3 audio and nothing is wrong with them, they are not corrupt. I really like the rest of the phone and don't want to return it. PLEASE advise. Thanks.

  • Joey

I had this phone for a week ..
And I know this .. its a OK phone ..

the screen is very sharp colors are amazing .
phone design is a little big .. but its not bad.
but here is where this phone just sux ..
NO BLUE TOOTH , you have play Mp3's but you cant assign them as ringtones ..
a $500 phone with no blue tooth or mp3 rings ..
what kinda crap is that ..
6 outta 10 in my book ..

  • Jay

I've had this phone for about 2 months now and its excellent. Definitely gets the attention it deserves. However all of a sudden its been acting strange. The only thing the phone does is say 'please wait'I cant do anything with the phone now, i cant even turn it off. Can anyone pleeeease tell me whats going on with the phone. In desperate need of some help. Thanks much

  • Efrem

got this phone for 40.00 if you want it email me and i'll give you my referrel number.Just purchase something for 40.00 and use my number. Excellent phone i love it

  • sothea

the phone is great, but there is no blue tooth, the pictures are great. It is a little big however.

  • hello_moto

i thought this i was good phone n wanted to buy but after reading peoples comments chaged my mine because my hard eran money will go waste if i brought this phone n would consider d500c n i already have s700i which i love it very because its everything in 1 n p730 lacks bluetooth n d500c maybe good choice hmm my friend a nokia user he said 6680 might be a better because 3g n now days pepole changing to 3g so would consider that model too n nokia 6680 selling 1,200 in s,pore n d500c $800 n for time being prefer to keep s700i n still the best phone

  • yee

hi... I heard that when this phone plays mp3, u cant do anything (like writting sms, or watch the calendar..etc) ...IS IT TRUE???