Samsung P850

Samsung P850

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  • omar

itz a kool cell n i dropped it bout 100 times...but accessories r hard to front lcd screen broke b4 sumdayz n im not gettin it in bangladesh...can i order lcd 4m ny agent or does ny1 knw who takes ny kind of order???plz reply .... itz really urgent...

  • fadoua

i like it

  • sarika

Hello there loving my samsung p850
its exactly what i need... camera is tops...

go on try it ...3.15 mp yes..


i have this phone from sri agent and is very

  • alisaheb

hello i need to ask about my SGH p850 that how can i put themes or applications or antivirur to it & whether its possible or not


great looks & strong.I'm very fond of my P850.Very simple to use(Samsung like).3.15 mp camera is great too.Weaknesses-no auto wake up/turn off,confusing schedular alarm,battery not up to the mark,gets heated with long vdo use & hard to find,no missed call signal or blip on cover display,camera slow to shoot,music plyr not loud enough,no call barring for selected no.s.Someone pls help me find a battery for it in Singapore or Bangkok.

  • Anonymous

had this phone for one day. beautiful, yet bulky. excellent camera and super video. however, had some software problem, so it kept freezing. i had to change it for a s.e s500i :-(

  • Anonymous

Use phone for 19 months now, very hard on it and dropped it many times. Its user friendly, clear, excellent signal quality and just plain durable. Only problem is, cant find a new one in SA, discont.


it's the best phone, i ever used, it's user friendly, super storage capacity, 100% clear for photage. it's truely professional at it's best!! ta to samsung.


Bought this phone last week for testing purpose only and found that the camera ( Photo finish ) is good when taking outdoor ...u need to hold still the camera to avoid blurry picture...BUT....hate bout this phone as it cannot save into memory card will save into the phone memory that transfer it later to memory card...what the hack..

  • RMVS

this phone do support a 1gb memory card;the only thing i hate about it is the sound!!oh no its very is very claer only gets blury if you dont hold the phone still.
i have dropd mine quite alot and its still working 100's.
best handset for MXIT!!!!

  • Sean

I already use it for 1 year. Here's my opinion:
+ Cool appearance
+ The camera at back make it look big. Nearly 0.7cm height from the back. In reality it's not big at all
+ Phone body is hard to scratch. I used it for 1 year,drop it many times but it's still look 95% new
+ Easy to use. Screen is bright and sharp
+ Shooting image is great but ... slow. Easy to get blur if scene is not standstill
+ Video is average, good quality but image is very easy to be blur when moving
+ Music is not good and not loud enough.

In general, I still... love this phone because it's appearance is pretty cool, look simple but very stylish. I do not need to play game or wifi or internet on the phone so those things are not important. I hate the music quality most.

  • Tee

sorry.. mistyped.. it does support java..
it says it doesnt support EDGE.. wat does this mean? can i d.load games n applications??

  • Tee

hey there.. i was thinkin abt buyn this phone
it says t doesnt support java..
can ne1 pleeez tel me wat this means??

  • Kadir

Hi. I wish to buy one but just for sure. The document can be seen in the 32" TV screen? Thanks

  • jcr7250

for timothy,
here is some other site review:­-en.shtml­-1.html

just for sharing purpose.

  • jcr7250

they said it only supported up to 512MB memory card.if u try higher,problem will arise.i bought 1 gig card and sometime i will get this error 'not allowed' when trying to view my external memory.anybody got the same problem?

  • 777uN

to answer all of your questions!

First, unlike all the other phones these days, it is pretty heavy and thick phone. If you hate the fact that carrying a large phone all the time, do not get it. However, you will miss it's nice functions.

Second, in order to connect to TV, first, you may have to change the TV-output in your phone setting. Setting> Display Setting> TV-out. Then you have two options: i think factory default is at PAL, but when i changed to NTSC, i was able to work on TV.
And just connect it and enjoy!

Well my question is what is the biggest memory smart SD card have you guys put it in?

  • rashshane

Does anyone think this phone is too big or too wide or too thick? cause I was thinking of gettin gthis phone cause it just looks so cool in the picture. But i haven't seen the real thing and the dimensions show it to be quite a big phone compared to more recent releases. Anyone here with experience can fill me in?

  • Ayeni-sam

Hi all, pls can experience one enlite me on how to connect P850 to (TV).pls i wll be very well appriciate if , someone can get me this information.