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  • Anonymous

i've seen pictures taken with the k800i on mobile-review and some taiwan websites, and it seems the p850 will outperform it in terms of camera function. the k800i pics look less vibrant and has too much compression, resulting in soft pictures.

the best camera phone now is the 5mp gigabyte g-cam. it has the xenon flash even before the k800i is released. the night shots are amazing as well.!rVFJ7OWaQUUD8ukbqr­fuFw--/gallery

  • Anonymous

"The camera on this thing is absolutely awful, so don't buy one if you want what is meant to be a '3.2mp' camera phone.


seriously, why are you taking the worst 2 pictures you can find on the internet as examples of the p850's camera quality? the worst 3.2mp camera on the market now has got to be the nokia n80.

you want real examples of how good the p850 camera is? take a look here.­821&page=18

  • tcy

In reply to the viewers that 'assume' the camera on p750 is worst than k800.
Firstly, the k800 has yet to be released, so none of us have seen pictures from hand. The source from the jpgs below are debatable as they seem to have just been copied from the esato site that is pro sonyericsson.
I have used my p850 for 2 weeks now and the camera quality is not close to as bad as some people suggest it is. Picture quality from personal experience; as i own the phone is absolutly tremendous!
Im sure the K800i has picture quality equally as impressive, and with a xenon flash to it; it sure will be a digicam beater. But please get your facts right before posting, as the p850s camera is simply stunning to say the least. for a mobile phone anyway...
Oh and for people who want to know if it will take 1gig micro SD then... yes it can... ive got one in my phone.

  • Anonymous

After much research and testing I think it is easily safe to say that if your a person that wants a camera-in-a-phone to be proud of then your better off going with the K800 here. Camera wise the K800 has many many more features and takes A LOT better pictures, and the K800's Xenon flash certainly gives it that advantage in low light situations. Other than camera wise the K800 also I think quite easily is a better phone. Sony Ericsson = A better camera.

Despite that though this phone looks great, has some great features and offers a lot or great stuff. I must say the design of this is brilliant, looks really smart.

  • Anonymous

The camera on this thing is absolutely awful, so don't buy one if you want what is meant to be a '3.2mp' camera phone.


  • Anonymous

the camera is cmos. but i think ccd vs cmos arguments nowadays is pretty pointless, since even top end slr cameras are also using cmos sensors now.

videos can be viewed fullscreen. just flip the cover backwards like in camera mode or press 1 to playback in fullscreen.

  • TCY

Just got my phone through post two days ago!
Its absoloutly n problem at all so far anyway...
I also bought a 1gig memory card for it, and it works perfectly. The best way to transfer stuff is through the card (if you have a card reader like me that is). But moving files from card to phone is a bit on the slow side, ie, 3mb mp3 file takes about 30 seconds (thats long).
Very happy with my new phone... cyaz

  • muhanad

it is very nice indeed but can you tell me why the video capturting speed is rather low especialy in 355x288 mode??

  • ADY

you can watch videos at full screen - landscape like in d600? (pictures)

  • Anonymous

did this phone increased the price in ever vendor?? wasn't this phone used to cost around $340?? How come now costs over $400?? or am I wrong?

  • Anonymous

i've had this phone a month, and loving it so far - some comments:

picture quality is superior to any phone so far (compared it to nokia n90, sony etc) - no comment on the video since i'm not really interested in that feature - and the macro pictures are simply unbelievable.

sound quality is not great with the provided earphones, so you can try buying a headphone adapter and using your own earphones or getting a bluetooth headset

try setting ISO to 100 to get sharper pictures if you are taking in normal light (will help those with less than steady hands)

transferring stuff between the phone memory and the computer using the built-in software is really a bit slow (plus for some reason the software does not transfer things to the memory card). the best way i find is to switch the phone to USB mode and then shunt things back and forth using the memory card (and yes, the 1GB works just fine). Much much faster.

i have had just one mild panic attack with it so far, where i switched on the phone and it refused to autofocus. i switched it off, turned it on after 20 minutes and it was ok again. worst 20 min of my life!

  • Anonymous

Is this worth buying?

  • guillaume

samsung p850 is very good

  • BloodReza

camera of this model is CCD or CMOS?
PLZ sample of video recording
framerate in CIF recording?

  • Michael

Hey does anyone know how to mkae the shutter speed faster on the p 850 because right now it takes like 5 seconds to take a picture and if you just move it a little bit it gets blurry, can anyone help? you can e-mail me back or just reply on the boards

  • Ken

If I bought the Samsung Bluetooth stereo headsets SBH100, can I control the music wirelessly using the headset as the phone does not have external music buttons?


  • Anonymous

it can use bluetooth headset, including support for a2dp and avrcp. bluetooth ver 1.2.

  • Question

Can anybody with the P858 version tell me if they have used a 1GB card in their phone?

  • KeNn

Is this compatable with bluetooth stereo headsets???

What version bluetooth is it?


  • Anonymous

video is in CIF resolution. there is NO infra-red port. i'm using a 1gb micro-sd with it.