Samsung planning big move of smartphone production to India

Michail, 17 August 2020

According to a new report from The Economic Times, Samsung is gearing up to move a sizeable chunk of its production line to India. According to sources close to the matter, Samsung already disclosed plans to the Indian government under the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) to produce phones worth over $40 billion (Rs 3 lakh crore) during the next five years in India. The majority of phones made in India with a price above $200 (Rs 15,000) will be exported.

Samsung planning big move of smartphone production to India

The move will come at the expense of Vietnam, which is another hub in Samsung’s production efforts and is currently its second-largest exporter of smartphones behind China. Last year, Samsung closed off its last remaining factory in China. Prior to that the Korean tech giant opened its largest smartphone factory in existence in Noida, India which will remain a leading production hub going forward.

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Its funny that the BIG US forced Samsung to this movement but its held in secretly so it looks like the Samsung did it on its own. If all big companies moves away from China this will lead to something far worse than we had here 75 years ago. Dunn...

Just shut up bro their SD730 is a outdated processor. It will not even worth 20k. If they release it with A51 this sd730 then it is perfect but today this sd730 is outdate. I know about this upcoming samsung with 730 but i dnt care its way to overpri...

because it is a market of 1billion people protected by a heavy import taxes.

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