Samsung pulls out the Galaxy S Froyo update due to bugs?

21 October, 2010

As you probably know last week Samsung released the official update that takes the I9000 Galaxy S to Android 2.2 for the Scandinavian region. But just as we thought that worldwide availability is a matter of days now, the company pulled the files from it servers.

There is no official statement yet so it's unclear what are the reasons behind this move but unstable behavior seems the most probable reason. A number of users reported that their Galaxy S units became laggy and experienced lots of bugs after the update and if Samsung found the reason to be within their own code, it might have returned it to their developers for some more work.

Another rumor suggests that Samsung planned to release the Galaxy S update to all European devices simultaneously and the Scandinavian version just jumped the gun. That doesn't seem quite so believable though.

At any rate Samsung's UK branch has just confirmed via Twitter that they will be releasing the Galaxy S Froyo update in early November with carrier-specific versions following after that. Let's hope they get everything right this time and there are no more hiccups.



Reader comments

  • Martin Bartlett
  • 10 Jan 2011
  • mw%

Galaxy S on Virgin network here in France: Got the phone on November 26th, updated to Froyo flawlessly via Kies on November 29th. Not a single problem since - no slow-go, no crashes, behaves perfectly, and supports the bluetooth keyboard I got for Ch...

  • Anonymous
  • 14 Dec 2010
  • vMe

I was promised 2.2 would be out by about my birthday... It's now nearly Christmas & 2.3 is out, and still waiting... The Kies PC software has updated 6 or 7 times (Over 1 gig of data) why not bundle it in with that? There's a upgrades to phone ...

  • Silvio
  • 10 Dec 2010
  • nqE

Don't upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S [GT-I9000] firmware. I did it 3 days ago to the new 2.2 version [PDA-JPA / PHONE: JPP / CSC: JPS] [compilation Froyo.XWJPA] just to discover i had lost the SMS/MMS capability. Messages do not work in/out at all. Be...

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