Samsung S100

Samsung S100

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Muhammad Arvi Adam, 23 Sep 2018Is there's any relations between the SGH-S100 and 100th Gal... moreI was just joking lol.

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    • Muhammad Arvi Adam
    • wrm
    • 23 Sep 2018

    trajcevasilev94, 04 Sep 2018Woah, the 100-th version of the Galaxy "S" series, sure doe... moreIs there's any relations between the SGH-S100 and 100th Galaxy "S100"!!??

      Woah, the 100-th version of the Galaxy "S" series, sure does look amazing!
      Can't wait till it comes out in 2070. I'll be the first to pre-order it, if of course if I will be alive by then.

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        • rogers ssozi
        • mtt
        • 22 Jul 2008

        ROGERS SSOZI, 13 Jul 2008I have got s100.the problem it has is ascreen and i have fa... moreindeed s100 is agood phone, poratable,with a long life battery, easy to use and with mult functions. but has a very delicate screen and very rare to get in uganda

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          • ROGERS SSOZI
          • mtt
          • 13 Jul 2008

          I have got s100.the problem it has is ascreen and i have failed to get a new screen

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            • petre adrian
            • Mvs
            • 23 Jan 2005

            It is a very good telephone i am very pleased.

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              • MARCO
              • 30 Jul 2004

              hi, I am from Brazil and I have a samsung s100. the display of the telephone broke. where do I get pieces for that telephone? in the brasil he/she is not pieces for samsung s100. thank you very much, good-bye...

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                • Supraman
                • 23 May 2004

                I have/had this phone. It worked great for 11 months and then the screens started doing strange things. It was still under guarantee so I sent it away for repair. It is still away and I doubt I am going to get it back. This is the only reliability problem I have ever had with this phone and I have never heard of the same happening to anybody else. I liked the phone a lot, I only had two complaints about it:
                1. There is no way of adding new words into the T9 dictionary.
                2. The screen being STN does not work at all well in bright light conditions.
                However, these problems are overshadowed by it’s good points. The main ones being the screen size (I have never seen bigger) and the battery life. The stated figures are not massive, however, you will be hard pushed to find anything that lasts longer in reality.

                  • D
                  • DEXTER
                  • 15 Apr 2004

                  i recently got this samsung s 105 from a friend in new york...they purchase the phone from t mobile on a plan

                  it is a gsm phone and i live in the caribbean the only way i can use it is if i can unlock it .....can anyone out there help me??????????????????????

                    • m
                    • monday
                    • 17 Mar 2004

                    how do i send

                    the money.

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                      • suwan thailand
                      • 17 Mar 2004

                      I wonder that samsung s105(usa) vs s100 can be use same battery ? becoz now I have a problem due cannot buy this s105 battery in thailand..

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                        • Amoni Hart
                        • 17 Feb 2004

                        I have an S100 but have a slight problem. The screen stopped showing and some local technician told me that it was bad. Might you have replacement screen and how can I be sure that is the problem? Amoni Hart

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • 30 Jan 2004

                          good phone

                            • a
                            • ahmed
                            • 08 Oct 2003

                            its really fantastic can any1 gave it to me free plz :( bye , i will be thankful to u :)

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                              • Gemma
                              • 23 Aug 2003

                              I am currently in the process of searching for a new phone. I have used the 'PHONE FINDER', however find it does not satisfy my request. I am a young student so please remember to take this into account when advisng me. Please could you give me your own personal opinion about which phone you believe to be the correct one for me. I would like my new phone to include the following;

                              colour screen
                              be one of the latest models
                              games (at least one)
                              small size
                              store a large number of text messages (not completely necessary)
                              not have an antenna if possible (not completely necessary)
                              be tri-band
                              be neat
                              be available now

                              Thank you for your time and effort. I find that personal opinions are better. Also please could you tell me what model of phone you have - just another way of knowing another good phone. Thank you again.

                              Best regards,

                              GEMMA LYSYCIA

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                                • Gemma
                                • 23 Aug 2003

                                Please could you explain in detail the meanings of the following;

                                Email Client

                                Thank you.

                                Yours sincerely,

                                GEMMA LYSYCIA

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                                  • Dell
                                  • 05 Aug 2003

                                  Well, about your dilema DADA i think that S100 is better choice.I`ve had both phones and they are prety similar but because battery last longer in s100 was to me decisive factor for mine decision

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                                    • Dada
                                    • 11 May 2003

                                    Can anybody tell me which SAMSUNG model is better: s100, or t100? I would really like to know that, because I am thinking of buying s100...

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                                      • Dave
                                      • 06 May 2003

                                      I think this phone is shite. Its texture is shite. Its case is shite. It is all round shite. Shite shite shite. It is pretty dirt

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                                        • Donny
                                        • 14 Apr 2003

                                        To eric:
                                        The phone is not launching in Singapore. But S300 is. The phone is much better and is cheaper then this phone. Its already available in the market in Singapore. Why do I know??? Cause I am a phone collector in Singapore and I bought it already with local Samsung warranty.