Samsung S100

Samsung S100

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  • Dave
  • 06 May 2003

I think this phone is shite. Its texture is shite. Its case is shite. It is all round shite. Shite shite shite. It is pretty dirt

    • D
    • Donny
    • 14 Apr 2003

    To eric:
    The phone is not launching in Singapore. But S300 is. The phone is much better and is cheaper then this phone. Its already available in the market in Singapore. Why do I know??? Cause I am a phone collector in Singapore and I bought it already with local Samsung warranty.

      • e
      • eric
      • 15 Feb 2003

      hi to everybody out there, i would like to know will this phone be launch in singapore and when? pls reply thanks alot!!

        • I
        • INNOVA
        • 09 Feb 2003

        Niko- I'm pretty sure the football game is on the cover of the Moto v720 and not this phone. Anyway it does not have that game pre-instaled. There are plenty of places to get java games though. I have downloaded motoGP which is awesome, and WebView which is a java program that lets you view Actual web sites the way they look on computers. Many, many games are availible for download. If you want the wap address email me.

          • N
          • Niko
          • 09 Feb 2003

          S100, are there ANY Java games for it on the internet? Is the football game on the cover available or is it just a selling trick?

            • I
            • INNOVA
            • 03 Feb 2003

            Thanks GSMvision. Unfortunatly we have to deal with people like jamo who are purely racist. If the phone was made in the USA I'm sure he would be crazy about it.

            Anyway I have to say after about 4 months that this phone is has been wonderful without a problem. A big plus is that if you get the s105 from T-mobile (cheaper than the s100), you can easily unlock it with a code punched on the keypad as well change your CSD/GPRS settings. You can connect using your exisiting ISP!!! All you have to do is put in the dial up number and your password! Works great.

              • g
              • gsmvision
              • 25 Jan 2003

              I'm sick and tired of all you dumb asses talkin' about phones which you actually never even saw closer.You have to use a phone for a while before starting to make stupid comments.And Jamo, this site isn't about food in case you didn't notice so what do you care about Innova's diet? Keep it up Innova, you make sense!

                • M
                • Mr Ha
                • 21 Jan 2003

                When, where this product will be introdued? How much? When it come to Viet Nam?

                  • y
                  • y@y@>SM@ll>BRE@ST
                  • 19 Jan 2003

                  come out in australia or not , and how \ much, anyone tell me or i rape ur mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

                    • D
                    • Dang Manh Ha
                    • 17 Jan 2003

                    It's very well!

                      • p
                      • prophet
                      • 14 Jan 2003

                      You can find some poly ringtones at for free, but you have to use the wap browser.They're also available for other phones like Panasonic gd87, Nokia 72-6610, etc...

                        • t
                        • trung
                        • 08 Jan 2003

                        I want ringtones

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                          • INNOVA
                          • 30 Dec 2002

                          I am 90% sure that the Samsung R225 or 220 uses the exact same charger.

                            • G
                            • GERRAD
                            • 30 Dec 2002

                            please, can somebody give me authoritative and accurate information about which other model of samsung mobile-phone uses the same/exact travel/house battery charger like(compatible with) the samsung s-100 model....

                              • .
                              • .
                              • 23 Dec 2002

                              i hate that phone it sucks.

                                • M
                                • MichielKool
                                • 22 Dec 2002

                                its a wonderfull gsm but i would love to know how much it will cost could you please send me the price to my e-mail

                                  • I
                                  • INNOVA
                                  • 21 Dec 2002

                                  Unfortunatly it is only 300k

                                    • E
                                    • EXCSO
                                    • 08 Dec 2002

                                    How much SMS can memory s100?t100 is bad because of the SMS memory so please tell me that I want to buy s100??!!

                                      • a
                                      • ashish
                                      • 03 Dec 2002

                                      Dear ashish
                                      pls check the price there in mkt..and compare with t 100 ist some what similar but triband and much better.

                                        • I
                                        • INNOVA
                                        • 29 Nov 2002

                                        Well yea just get the 105. It is the same phone without the data cable which isn't worth the extra $. Check out this site for cheap unlocked