Samsung S5250 Wave525

Samsung S5250 Wave525

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can u tell me how to connect wifi? if i turn on the wifi, it is saying no wap found..

  • Vampire

How can I record a call

  • Sandy

uken, 11 Dec 2010@sandy this fone has limited supported video file.. if it can ... more@Uken
for video format, convert all your videos from Video Converter which is available in Samsung Kies and then transfer that in your phone and enjoy.

  • Sourav Dey

Capacitive Touch...
Good Sound Quality...
Screen Resolution Bit Low.. But not a hazard.. 256k Color Display(Remember 16m Color Tft consumes more power..)
Sound Recording...
CALL Recording...
Good 3.15 mgp camera...
very good PDF reader.. Document reader...
FM RECORDING in AAC format (Forwardin AAC file possible, I write it as i also have s3310)

  • XYZ

ysa, 11 Dec 2010how to logout from facebook? please help! :(Dear ysa. Go to internet icon and select "internet settings", there u delete all the data.e.g cookies, temp files, saved passwords etc. ur prob will be solved.

  • hero

I recently purchased this phone and its very good value for money. One problem that I face is on incoming call, the main speaker on the back only rings couple of times (3-4 seconds) and then the ring switches to the ear piece speaker. Since the ear piece is significantly less loud than the back speaker, I miss too many calls when I'm not close to the phone. Is this normal for this model, or only my phone has some problem.

  • reich

Sandy, 04 Dec 2010@Reich Yes this phone has a document reader i.e. it can read wo... morehi sandy,, thanks wow, i already bought this phone just yesterday and i can say that for a an affordable price its worth it and i cant say anything negative as for the moment,i can say that its cool and really user friendly, thanks by the way to your help.. (^^,)

  • jason24589

it looks like a Samsung Star

  • yaz

uken, 11 Dec 2010@sandy this fone has limited supported video file.. if it can ... more You can use "anyconverter" software and convert any video format file to the mp4 phone format, I have the samsung s5250 and i watch all video and films I want.

  • uken

this fone has limited supported video file..
if it can expand to 16gb, sadly it cannot play movies and other videos..
pls recommend other extension file of videos which can be played by SAMSUNG 525..

  • Anonymous

I own the wave 8500, I bought my daughters one 525 each for xmas. I chucked the battery in one and had a play and I was very impressed. the touch was very good and the speed of the menu was fast. the camera was ok for a basic phone camera. browser works really well over wifi and edge. overall impressed.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2010As far the info i have, it cannot be made black for nowtnx man

  • ysa

how to logout from facebook? please help! :(

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2010i do not how to logout in facebook using this samsung 5253 wave.... moredude go to my accounts on the second page on the menu
and delete your facebook acount

  • Anonymous

Hardik, 10 Dec 2010Hii...thnxx for the reply....but only 1300...i mean phone memory... moreIt has 283 MB of memory out of which 100 MB is for the user and 183 MB reserved for the system so u dont have to worry about that

  • Amit

memo, 10 Dec 2010can u tell me how is the battery lifeA good battery for a toch phone. It lasts for 2 days with surfing the net for 1 hour, 2 hours of music(in the headphone), and calls for about 1/2 an hour.

  • Amit

kevin, 10 Dec 2010hey, i am actually planning to buy this phone but i just wanna b... moreIt surely has a decent camera and better than a 2 MP camera, the only thing lacking is a led flash . It has an excellent user interface like the multi toch, ten homescreens, capacitive touch screen(the most liked thing) which is more long lasting than resitive toch screen.Although BADA OS is new but it has a good future. Being a user I would definitely suggest you this phone.

  • Hardik

Anonymous, 10 Dec 20101300Hii...thnxx for the reply....but only 1300...i mean phone memory is 100 is message memory different from the phone memory in d phone...???


  • kevin

hey, i am actually planning to buy this phone but i just wanna be so sure about the quality of its camera, i heard that this phone has a poor image resolution. and it is said that 2 megapixel phone such as the samsung s3500 has a clearer shot compared to this. . . .????

  • Anonymous

Kishore, 09 Dec 2010Can anyone plz tel me internet is speed r nt in dis phone??plzInternet is very very good in this phone. It is good on EDGE and execellent on Wi-FI