Samsung S5250 Wave525

Samsung S5250 Wave525

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  • Rony

Is this phone available ANYWHERE yet ?

  • maruko

I think it must be called samsung star 2.... Well I guess its just another samsung star that have features in it like a Bada OS and Wifi... beside its S5250, its like S5230 + 20. Well it's just my opinion... but I think this is a great phone because I own a Samsung star phone and I feel good with it.

  • anky

outlook sucks

  • Anonymous

wasn't this phone supposed to be released in August..does anyone know about its release date ?

  • Eyad

it not suppose to call it wave 2 ,it's very far to compare wit \h s8500, the out look is poor especially the button.

  • Zaheer

Dear Samsung wave user, please come and help me with my problem which I am facing below,

Today I got Samsung wave mobile I installed configuration from the network provider but still doesnít connect the internet, even my mobile doesnít connect on the wifi. It says DNS failed and authorization failed, I donít understand why it happens, could you please help me with this regards? I appreciate for your good advice, than you

  • waseem

looking good, but what is the CPU specs?
is it not a Doc's editor? or even a reader?


  • cellmaniac

when is this phone going to be launched in india..?it has good features but lacks 3g

  • Girraj kushwah

looking wise good but depended price

  • Asad

Samsung bada is a smartphone platform to realize the vision of a Smartphone for Everyone.

  • rat

Samsung Wave owner, 04 Aug 2010Because it will cost much less than wave. It's a budget much cost of dis phone S5250 Wave 2

  • Samsung Wave owner

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2010why samsumg wave 2 is worse than the samsung wave 1?Because it will cost much less than wave. It's a budget phone.

  • Henry

No, for all of you who think wave 2 is a junk.

Please stay clear that this is another way of promoting Bada!!

No everyone can afford Wave 1, and not everyone will like high-end phone. Samsung is just widening their products so that everyone can enjoy Bada. This is the aim why Bada is created, that is to make most phone as smartphone no matter what spec.

  • Anonymous

it is the same of SAMSUNG 5233 Wifi.. But, the operating system is BADA OS.. thats it..

  • samx

samsung wave is a lot better than this. features r worse than ever dont go for this phone instead go for wave or gallaxy s

  • naveen

how much cost

  • Anonymous

why samsumg wave 2 is worse than the samsung wave 1?

  • Ruhnough

is this phone compatible with SymNAS from ?

  • Ifan

I have used Samsung GT 5230 Star.I really enjoyed with it.and I think S5250 Wave 2 is also interesting.I love the is so executive design.when it will be launched in Indonesia?

  • Sandeep

Request you not to buy the phone important feature the camera does not has flash & m doubtful if it zooms.