Samsung S5250 Wave525

Samsung S5250 Wave525

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I WAN to buy diz ph is it gud,,,,,,,,

  • anil patdiya

why dont work taking tom cat for samsungwave525GT_s5253

  • biyas

how to tag in facebook or is it any tag option?

  • biyas

i am unable to connect through tag with facebook with my frid.give solution.

  • AnonD-11106

zoya, 31 Aug 2012for wi-fi its okay, abt 4 talking abt youtube its not okay, my y... moreI have no problem with mine. YouTube works great. No problem with the camera either. I especially like the camera. Its so clear. Maybe the problem is with your OS. Try hard reset or if it its under warranty, have it reformat. I updated mine with value pack. It have swype like keyboard.

  • Meizap

did my phone support 3G network

  • zoya

AnonD-11106, 27 Aug 2012Its normal for this phone to have slow network speed. You can't ... morefor wi-fi its okay, abt 4 talking abt youtube its not okay, my youtube iz nt opening, also i hv a prblm in camera...
when i click d pic ders smthng dot wise coming...

  • erick apps only..symbian is only for nokia phones...

  • erick

Rfz, 30 Aug 2012is wave 525 support symbian apps?symbian works only on nokia phones...wave 525 is only java..

  • erick

Rfz, 30 Aug 2012is wave 525 support symbian apps?no....only simbian works at nokia phones..

  • Rfz

Rfz, 30 Aug 2012is wave 525 support symbian apps?help me plzzzzzzz

  • Rfz

himanshu, 08 Aug 2012i want to buy samsung s5250 wave 2 for the purpose of cam,sound,... moreis wave 525 support symbian apps?

  • satish kumar

this phone is very

  • Avinash

AnonD-22750, 12 Aug 2012I have downloaded firmware from my is ho... moreCheck here

  • AnonD-11106

shaun, 11 Jul 2012when i playing my mp3 player, i can't do fast texting! is it nor... moreThat's because of the slow processor. But that's normal. I don't like texting that much in this phone. I use it more into browsing and watching youtube.

And one thing I really love about this phone is the camera. It's so clear even when you zoom it. I even use some pictures I taken using this phone as wallpaper of my computer. It's quality is superfine and there are no spots or dots in the picture. It even have night mode when taking pictures in the dark.

  • AnonD-11106

asdf, 15 Aug 2012not a good one slow speed of internet,it was ok 2 years back but... moreIts normal for this phone to have slow network speed. You can't expect fast internet using network in GPRS and EDGE. So if you want to browse high speed, use wi-fi.
I always watch videos on YouTube with this phone and I'm very impressed of its wi-fi speed.
It's wi-fi is more sensitive then iphone. I compared mine with my friends iphone and this phone can still pick-up wi-fi signal even when very far from the router. But my friends iphone can't pick up the signal at even if we have the same distance from the router.

  • AnonD-11106

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2012you cannot make messages as fast as you want be cause its not a ... moreCorrection, this is a smart phone powered by BADA. Its just not as fast as other Smartphone since its a low-end smartphone designed for first time smartphone owners.

  • AnonD-11106

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2012Can wave 525 support any antivirusDon't worry about virus. There's no virus that works on BADA. I can assure you that.

  • Anonymous

Can wave 525 support any antivirus

  • Shashank

AnonD-66029, 20 Aug 2012whenever trying to download more than 20 MB, phone restarts.. ot... moreTry inbuilt dolphin web browser .before downloading make sure other apps are off by simply pressing menu key for 2 seconds