Samsung S5250 Wave525

Samsung S5250 Wave525

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  • Pae

I'll buy this for sure!

  • qw

Good phone!

  • Sam

I really enjoy using Samsung. Quality is much better than Nokia and Sony Ericsson. More friendly interface.

  • eshi

nice phone compared to nokia only problem is samsung apps doesn't launch anymore when i tried updating it then i reset it. then the icon samsung apps and facebook icon disappeared .. XD but overall very nice phone..

  • Lius -- Philippines

go to your sms menu select sim sms delete one or more then go back the flashing sms icon will be gone. the reason is your sms is directed save to sim on your phone change the setting save to phone.

  • jony

what about GPS??? please tell me, who have this phone...

  • trish.

i bought one. its good the internet is very good also the cmera but the message always prompt that i need to delete messages because its full even it has no message. do you know how to delete this message that always prompt. thanks

  • JK RAI

best quality compare to nokia

  • Coolie

Micho, 23 Oct 2011****************** HI FOLKS! Is samsung galaxy mini better than... moreWell, if you compare the specs of Mini and Wave 525.. Mini is good because its an Android phone wherein you can download lots of applications compared to Wave 525. But I still like 525 because of its design and plus it is much cheaper than the Mini ;)

  • Coolie

AnonD-27316, 23 Oct 2011Good day. Which is better Samsung Wave525 or Samsung Corby2?I prefer Samsung Wave 525. Better lookin than Corby:) And better specs to.

  • Micho

HI FOLKS! Is samsung galaxy mini better than samsung wave 525? Plz plz plz reply. Thanks for your suggestions.

  • AnonD-27316

Good day. Which is better Samsung Wave525 or Samsung Corby2?

  • AnonD-11106

NammyTammy, 19 Oct 2011Hey plz...plz tell me whether there is Facebook Chat inbuilt??? ... moreYes, theres a built-in IM for chatting.

  • Yash

Awewome mobile from samsung . . . . . . super fast internet n great camera quality. . n even songs plays well. i lyk this mobile . . . . not even nokia c7 hasnt got this much smooth touch response . . samsung rocks on touchscreen mobiles

  • AnonD-11106

banoy, 21 Oct 2011how to use the chat in facebook?Go to IM (In main menu) and open palringo. register there and add your fb account.

  • Coolie

akshay, 20 Oct 2011friends place tell me which better wave 525 os star 2 duos? ReplyI think Wave 525 is better

  • Coolie

sumit, 21 Oct 2011is dis android fone ????No its not.OS is Bada

  • neil

guyz.,,,after using many mobile phones,including nokia c6-01 symbian anna ,this one according to me is the best touch screen fone,its like meltd butter so silky smooth ........very responnsive specially the potrait qwerty keyboard,if u r looking for a non gaming smartfone,go for it

  • banoy

how to use the chat in facebook?

  • sumit

is dis android fone ????