Samsung S5250 Wave525

Samsung S5250 Wave525

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  • Anonymous

I am planning to buy S5250 Wave 525, but which is better samsung monte S5620 or Wave 525?

  • Abhishek

Does it have a document reader? I like to read ebooks in pdf format while traveling. Does it read pdf?

  • Anonymous

hey guys or girls out there... i am considering to buy this phone...but i am very tense on battery life... dont like the idea of recharging my phone every day...also not not every other day.... so how is the battery life of this phone? because many different ideas i read

  • Alexia

Justine, 15 Nov 2010i got wave525. Can some one help me. i know this question is stu... moreI have just bought this mobile & i have the same problem... did u manage to solve it pls? Thank you

  • Anonymous

rajat, 29 Jan 2011yes we can view pdfThanks rajat

  • rajat

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2011Plz tell me can we see pdf files in this phone?yes we can view pdf

  • Chris

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2011just hold the dictionary in the keypad... it is marked with the ... morethanks for the help

  • Chris

I just want to ask how to switch the keypad from qwerty to normal mode when creating sms because I'm not used with qwerty function. Thanks for the answer

  • Anonymous

samsung, 07 Nov 2010is this handset suppport handwriting recognition or not ??? pl... morejust hold the dictionary in the keypad... it is marked with the letter "EN" together with a circle icon then you can customized texting...

  • Anonymous

TomJ, 28 Jan 2011Love this phone, BUT..., will be selling it for something I can ... moreMaybe you need to take it to the service center or the shop from where you bought it.. I faced a smiliar issue but it was due to old version USB port.
Try it before you jump to a hasty decision since Kies is working fine for rest of the humanity :D

  • Anonymous

i have completed, 1 month with this phone.. I must say that for 7500 INR no other company offers these many features:- WiFi, GPS, OS, Multi Touch, Excellent Audio and Battery backup.
I use Wifi so do not miss 3G which is yet to get popular in India.
(nokia does have a range of budget symibian phones but their resistive touch feels like pressing a brick)
One of the best budget smartphones.
I hope STAR II doesnt eat into its sales.
+ Very affordable, excellent sound, great battery, good touch, very easy interface
- bada os is yet to mature. the number of applications can be more.

P.S.I still can't download my favorite widgets (Can anyone help) Kies is only for installing apps I guess.

BTW I own a P500 too but I loved the simplicity of this phone so much that I swapped it with my wife :D

  • TomJ

Love this phone, BUT..., will be selling it for something I can download apps for. No matter what Samsung says on their site, the Wave 525 (GT-S5253) is NOT able to download from Kies or by phone. On the phone Samsung apps just says, "no data" and there is nothing there when launched. Tried a million things and ways. Nada. From Kies it says it's an unsupported device. Tried conns through UK, Canada, etc. Two-days of searches and nothing works. Reloads, registry cleans, FW updates, nothing. If you have a Wave 525, forget any apps out there. You only get what's on the phone. Just for this one fact, I'm getting rid of it. Screw Samsung. They market it as "app compatible" but it's just not.

  • Anonymous

Plz tell me can we see pdf files in this phone?

  • aleena

can any one tell me how to keep reminder in that...n how to remove widgets from wallpaper...n how 2 copy caller toune while ringing....hope u will give back the answer to me soon........

  • aleena

can any 1 tell me how 2 keep reminder in dat..n how 2 copy caller toune while ringing..n how 2 remove widgets frm d wallpaper.....hope u will give back d answer 2 me soon......

  • aleena

mary, 26 Jan 2011Got this phone today, swapped it from a Sony Ericson x 8 which w... moreThis phone is too cool n smart.....i like the funtion n features of d if der would b flash den it will be the best phone from all......

  • xerd

is there some1 here know where to download a kies for mac? coz' i tried many times to look for that...but, cant find any site. hope u help me guys? thnx in advance! :)

  • hotspot

xyz, 26 Jan 2011can somebody tell me how i can cnnct this phne to my pc???go samsung apps(bada) and dwnld pc suite

  • Anonymous

can we see pdf files in this phone?

  • ella

xyz, 26 Jan 2011can somebody tell me how i can cnnct this phne to my pc???u have to install samsung kies aplication on ur PC, then connect your phone to pc by use the usb port..