Samsung S5330 Wave533

Samsung S5330 Wave533

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  • AnonD-300147

Whoever reading this note that its a 4 years old phone without any customization or apps as its bada OS.
However you can download some apps such as whatsapp via samsung apps which is pre installed. You will need samsung id though. Facebook app is built in.

I have been using this phone for years and these are pros and cons if i leave aside androids.

1.Email/facebook/twitter built in.
2.Decent speaker and choice of 5.1 Channel output through headphones
3.WiFi connectivity besides GPRS/EDGE
4.Nice keypad, decent touch.
5.Compact and nice to have as a backup device.
6.Good battery back up
7.Swipe on contacts to call or message
8.Charges via micro usb

1.Camera lacks auto focus
2.Low pixel density

phone is no more in production but its quiet a fancy device. I am using it alongside Xperia Z1 compact as backup and it has never had a single malfunction. Do not go for this as main phone. Now a days androids are much cheaper.And then again I am a Sony Xperia Fan so you know what I prefer.

  • AnonD-294930

hello, I would not read those bad comments, this site is to help people. the Samsung cell is a simple cell, but there are programs you can find on the net or any android site. I have a Samsung as well, but its a windows 8.1. I remember a program designed to be an uninstaller program, but it can move files to your mini sd card, if I remember, you can only use up to 16 g they cell has 100 available but not counting the os

  • Anonymous

this phone samsung wave 533 is hopeless. got fed up of operating. pls dnt buy this phone

  • syarif

the feature has deleted

  • chmaichl

str, 26 Nov 2013which type of wave 533 phone? is this iphone android or anything... morehello

  • Anonymous

str, 26 Nov 2013which type of wave 533 phone? is this iphone android or anything... morejava

  • harman chhina

this phon. is slow nd i want to facebook for every phn on dis phn

  • Anonymous

This phone is super slow.

  • str

which type of wave 533 phone? is this iphone android or anything pls tell me and whtsapp is download on this phone?

  • Eezy

hello... What the default phone password for this phone?

  • GP singh

Plz plz plz i need body of this phone plz plz help me

  • Anonymous

Can we install instagrame on this.?

  • sana

how can i close msg predictions of this mobile? plz let me know...

  • pic

I have use this phone since last 3 years but now it not able to detect gsm network.

  • Ashton

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2012Friends, I have been using this ph for almost a year. 2 months ... morei hv same prob but mine doesnt spread.. Bloody laggy phne even type msg it hangs!!

  • sibs

bought ths phone 2.5yrs nw,,it hangs vry often nw n d apps arent wrkn...its such a hopeless buy,,,i regret buyn it.

  • Anonymous

Plz plz plz we need whatsapp on this phone

  • Arnold Lambert

For sure this is crippeld smartphone ever made by samsung!ALDI market in Holland dropped the price of these phones from Euros 160 to Euros 100 in June 2011,On that particular time I bought it and I really wasted my money!It cannot WhatsApp,Slowest internet connection,all games in it needs to be downloaded for extra amount of money!For sure it is not Smartphone,It'a more less the same as samsung GT E-2232.Its BADA Operating system is hopeless OS just like window 98.

  • Anonymous

isnt thr a way we cn download whatsapp,aint any be honest i luv ths phone bt if only it cn b imprved in internet communications.we dont want to b left out plz,Thanks

  • aaki

it is not good phone according to its price
no updates no more function