Samsung S5330 Wave533

Samsung S5330 Wave533

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  • zede

akber, 07 Feb 2011great value for money, brought from market in karachi for 16,100... morehey, am also from karachi and i am thinking of buying this phone, can you please tell where you bought this phone from (which shop, and its phone number if you have) also it would be cool if you could post a complete review of it...and can you tell a few things about this phone:
1- does it have conversation view for sms?
2- can we put password on inbox? or other places?
3- how is typing on qwerty?

  • Joliea

Hey, my friend has bought this phone. So far so good. I am curious though, does it support "tethering"?

  • akber

great value for money, brought from market in karachi for 16,100 with 2 gb card. the battery holds up good for 2 days while using for call ans playing games.

Games could be for Bada OS or Java. Games should be installed on memory disk otherwise the disk space runs out pretty quickly.

Kies is the PC suite software, you can enter records while mobile is connected to the PC.

Video/Music player is nice and simple, pictures in bright daylight are good and those taken indoors require the correct settings.

All in all a good phone, capacitative screen is very smooth and the all around response is very good

  • viju

dear friend is it possible to install pocket office in samsung wave 533 ? please reply me soon as i want to buy it thanks.

  • Saurabh

Hey guys samsung wave is amazing phone in an unbeliveable price of around Rs 8500/-.

  • Ashwin

hi.. could any1 please help me with the link that wud provide me the BOLT browser version which is compatible to dis phone.. i want to chat on facebook.

  • Anonymous

it has a keypad... what are you on about?

  • gulu

frens this new i realy want to buy a nokia but god gave me samsung wave 533 aroun 9500. i wil tel u guys it is unbelievable bada software, and am very hapy to that phone, but problem is battery back up is very low. only the cause is that, otherwise it is awaysome phone

  • parikshit

3gp video is not playing

  • Anonymous

no live tv option, unable to watch 3gp videos also

  • -A

Its a good phone. I've been using it for past 4 months. No problems until now.

  • Anonymous

your well wisher, 24 Jan 2011Nokia 5235 or 5230 will be the best in this has 2mp cam man....and its bulky without having keypad..and laggy,battery backup is poor.touch screen is not much responsive.

  • Anonymous

Harish, 31 Jan 2011This is a bad is introducing symbian os..and it i... moreharish is a don't take his comment seriously

  • mag

I whan to ask hou to conect my phone with my computer. I conect with USB cabel but i don have nothing on my computer

  • OM

how to keep separate wallpaper for each desktop

  • Harish

This is a bad is introducing symbian os..and it is one of the most powerful one...or android phones....bada os will be a great flop...even this phone doesn't have flash....wat a bloody flop from utter waste of money...9000 rupees for this bloody phone...

  • kumar s

samsung bada os is better, how to install upgrade bada os in future,howmany free game availiable in sites,what is the best price ,flipkart online shopping site offer today moring6999 ,but evening the price was chaning,

  • abhi

this is the best phone in its class

  • Shine

hey buddy...
there any1 who can actually tell me that what is the message memmory of this mobile??

  • Aashish

hiiii every one,
i bought this phone just 2 days ago...
its awesome...
and user...i have a que..
what kind of video formats does this phone supports?
please do inform me!!
thanks in advance