Samsung S5330 Wave533

Samsung S5330 Wave533

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  • geniegyrl

does this phone come in other colors besides black?

  • divyam

hi, i just bought samsung 5620 monte, is it better than this phone? was my choise right? does this phone have multi-tasking?

  • Anu

Guys tel to load subtitles?tried

  • Anu

dway, 10 Nov 2010exactly how many messages it can store...and can we store i... moreU can take back up of msgs in ur memory card...

  • devilEx

hey guys if you want to purchase that mobile in delhi ncr go to gzb easy day in mahagun metro mall and price only rs 8795

  • div

does it have multi-tasking

  • div

does it have multi-tasking

  • Anonymous

phone looks r very stylish but camera quality is still bad compare to nokia 5233

  • surabh

does this phone have pinch zoom?

  • shiva

Where to download free themes and games for this model?Kindly reply at the earliest...!

  • mr. maxie

is this phone available in the U.S? or will i have to order it online?

  • Zick

HOHO, 10 Nov 2010it available in Egypt,Cairo and it's price 200$Thanx
does the phone support 3rd party s0ft like opera and has it any youtube connection??

  • HOHO

[deleted post]it available in Egypt,Cairo and it's price 200$

  • Bondi

1300 messages on phone (cannot store to card)
excellent UI
Complete package
Camera is awsum during the day. no night mode, no flash
Only negative is no 3G if u lukin for it. Else its awsum

  • dway

exactly how many messages it can store...and can we store it into memory card.?? howzz the camera quality in daylight...??
please reply..

  • sher

hi i am going to by this phone so tel me this batre back up reali good are not

  • crack

is zooming available for camera&is it support java apps?

  • Simer

It' s very good mobile to use, very handy, Sound system is good, Head Phones are really good, Touch screen is also good, i loved it' s qwerty keyboard.

I Liked Bada OS and it' s GUI. Overall phone is very good in such a price.

  • simer

anurag, 06 Nov 2010how to use 5.1 surround sound...i set the effect and equliz... moreIt will work only when u r using Samsung headphones and when effects and equalizer settings are set to normal..

  • Sahil :)

I am going to buy this phone but i have a few questions and a few opinions.

1. Does this phone hav bluetooth v2.1 or v3.0?
2. Does this phone support Java?
3. Does the Bada market hav any good or useful apps?
3. How is the camera?

1. The Bada OS is relatively new in the market and that is why you cannot expect it to be as good as Android os Symbian so please do not be too harsh on the OS. Also, I hav used a few Samsung phones and they give best value for money and Samsung will never disappoint their fans.
2. This phone is relatively low-cost also, it is much better than most other phones such as the LG Optimus which also costs more and according to the review of the phone on this site it works on the older version of the Android OS (i.e. v1.6).
3. The TouchWiz UI is simply amazing and i think that it is this feature that makes this phone better than the rest at the given price range.
3. The battery back-up is also good so i guess u cant complain about that either.
4. The only visible con is that it does not support 3G.