Samsung S5330 Wave533

Samsung S5330 Wave533

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  • aali

guys m going to buy this phone Samsung Wave533 so can any body give me some advice that should i buy it or nor not then advise another !


  • Anonymous

battery performance very good.

  • Anonymous

It is available in Karachi/Pakistan. And I am the one who buy first as a running customer. It price is good. It is low budget phone. I am quite satisfied with wave 533. About BADA OS1.1 is also very interesting but it has lot to do in OS and Applications. I hope soon update OS1.2 available for this device also.

  • Raghavan

What is the battery standby and talk time like ? Anybody using it please post feedback. Thanks

  • kamlesh

NO 3G, Difficult to install google maps, Nimbuzz and Ebuddy. only the phone design is good because of big touch screen and qwert keypad. Rest it is Not all that great, forget about 70000 Apps, it's hard to find the top Apps that I mentioned above. don't buy just because it is cheap.

  • cooza

[deleted post]this one has a bigger screen which always helps.the wave has bada os and the corby doesnt have any os at all.bada gives you the option to obtain apps from the app store of which many are free although the corby has the advantage of a slightly bigger internal memory and has 3g with an hsdpa of if you need 3g then the corby pro wins.

  • tushar

hey there is no 3g and battery backup

  • Tab

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2010The price of Huawei U8150IDEOS and Samsung S5333 Wave533 PKR1600... moreWhere did you buy this from? I don't think it's out in Pak yet so how'd you get the PKR value?

  • Anonymous

i am satisfied with wave533 because of full touch and QWERTY keyboard and wave 525 only full touch QWERTY But i would like to know the processor and RAM.

  • Anonymous

The price of Huawei U8150IDEOS and Samsung S5333 Wave533 PKR16000. Only OS difference. Look at the Specs comparison. I bought Samsung S5330 Wave533. What do you think people?

  • Anonymous

ya ! it's better than sony ericson .

  • cooza

steven, 09 Sep 2010this are what i am waiting for samsung release this phone for... morethe wave series is for bada,qalaxy series has android and omnia has windows.thats why you will never see a bada phone called "star".the star and corby series are not smartphones.

  • Anonymous

Has ny1 used the mobile first hand!? wanna knw how many msgs can be saved on the mob? ..just checked it out at the shop today in Goa ...the guy told me it'll cost me Rs. 8800! ...Looks Awesome! ...The feel also is amazin! ...he said it'll store 500 msgs! (I hope not, wish it could store lyk a gazzilion msgs! :P)

  • Anonymous

Its better then sony ericsson

  • tejas

What is the sms storage capacity of this phone.Is it the same as the corby's an star from samsung Or BADA OS offers more space 4 msgs........

  • ricky

it is out at below rs 10,000

  • rohan

ehsan, 17 Oct 2010gsmarena ppl, please correct this samsung wave 533 and 525 are n... morethe phones r already available......i found both on a local store near my house.....
wave 525- rs.7800
wave 533- rs.8800
they r also available for sale on­bile-mobczq5bvrhusg4c­tallic-black-mobile-mobcrrhkpafdzjx6

  • Anonymous

ehsan, 17 Oct 2010gsmarena ppl, please correct this samsung wave 533 and 525 are n... moreHow do you know?

  • Supriya

Nice look ... And great features :

  • ehsan

gsmarena ppl, please correct this samsung wave 533 and 525 are not out yet