Samsung S5330 Wave533

Samsung S5330 Wave533

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  • bagas

no 3G is ok for me...

but at least give it autofocus and LED flash for the camera please.....

  • Anonymous

Rasha bomb u, 19 Jun 2010What the he'll is bad os?????the new smartphone OS for Samsung..

  • Rasha bomb u

What the he'll is bad os?????

  • Chris

Samsung Fan, 18 Jun 2010Wow, good to see my dream of seeing the Star Wi-fi with a QWERTY... moreAdding the Super AMOLED display will make this phone more expensive! SAMSUNG is keeping the Super amoled display for more High-end devices, not for phones like these which don't even have 3g support! Terrible branding stradegy!

  • Samsung Fan

Wow, good to see my dream of seeing the Star Wi-fi with a QWERTY, but would like to have a 1500 mAh Li-Po battery, at least a 5 mpx Continuous Autofocus camera with Xenon & Dual LED flash, having at least 30 fps, and also a secondary camera in front. Keeping with the name of WAVE - please give it a Super AMOLED screen.

Give me these and I will definately buy - not one but two handsets - one for me and another for my wife.

Why is it necessary to keep some or the other short coming? what's wrong with you guys? Even the Galaxy S I9000 is a superb phone but without a QWERTY & Flash.


  • Jack

Sexlan, 16 Jun 2010This phone doesn't deserve to be called "Wave 2"! WTF ... moreLOL you loser, it's called the 'Wave 2' because it runs on the new Samsung Bada system :)

  • Orang Indo

I thought that It was Samsung Wave S8500 with pysical keyboard, but I am wrong.....

S8500+Pysical Keyboard will be the best phone ever..

  • Sexlan

This phone doesn't deserve to be called "Wave 2"! WTF samsung? The wave is so much better! How dumb can you get? SIS! This phone better cost only $200!

  • Vajee555

New F700 it is... :)

  • Dynamoo

No 3G is weird.. *but* it can operate in no-SIM mode like an internet tablet which will appeal to some.

  • Anonymous

an updated version of samsung f700...

  • Nasir

3G Should be added which carry special advantage for user

  • RH

Copy of N900 with much worse specs

  • oka 1st

oh no! Another nice touchscreen wd qwerty keyboard.. F only it has cam flash, higher internal memory & 3g. It wud b gr8! Pls. Add some features samsung.. I promise i will buy f u will grant my request. Thanks

  • Mobilemaster

I am dissapointed! I thought the Wave pro will be much better than this! The screen size is NOT big, the internal storage isn't enough. The camera quality is just 3.2 MP, without flash. :(

  • Eske Rahn

Ojerber Telimo, 15 Jun 2010Ultra Low spec...*sigh*.....shouldnt name it WAVE..."Wave ½" ?

  • ammys

i think its coast is arround 10k....

  • Narcolepsy

Good low end phone to sell to the masses. Will help the bada os get into different markets but I agree that it shouldn't be named wave as it isn't even close.

  • Anonymous

it should be samsung star pro!

  • Ojerber Telimo

Ultra Low spec...*sigh*.....shouldnt name it WAVE...