Samsung S5600 Preston

Samsung S5600 Preston

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  • Anonymous

Hello plz help me how to switch off the keyboard while playing touch screen games

  • rachel

Is there threaded messaging or updates to give this phone threaded messaging? Thank you

  • abhi

i like it very much. its total responsive for 3g net user. its download and video calling is amazingly fast @ 7.2 mbps. i am using this beauty for last 2 years.

  • Dubbo

This is a great phone, I've had mine for 12 months and it has been ultra reliable and relatively cheap to operate.
It has good reception, voices are clear and the Camera is excellent. I put on a cover on the glass which was a good move. I don't think I'll retire this phone just yet.

  • senthil kumar

after 2 years it is not avliable yet. but its a true performer by samsung. i am using 3g network via cable connection it is really fast to acess and watch live internet video films promos etc. it is a good decision for me to choose this one. thanx a lot SAMSUNG.

  • Anonymous

its too good to use

  • iiNB4Rii

I got this phone 2years ago and now there are all the phones with WiFi ..
does this phone have Wifi?

  • Anonymous

i am having problem to connect mob to p.c. but the mob is fine..i told poo to take this handset bt she said i want dual sim if in this dual sim so its better......

  • shanu

AnonD-31268, 22 Nov 2011hey my camera display is showing white graph on the screen ... moreI thing it may be some moisture on camera part so it is better to go service

  • AnonD-31268

hey my camera display is showing white graph on the screen while taking photos or vdos but after taking the photo that graph don exist but it happens while taking photos whats da prob.....plzzz help !!!!

  • scan man

im on o2 pay as you go & im having problems setting up email accounts ?? broswer is fine, but i cant get email. keeps coming up with connection failure. can anyone help ???
i have o2, gmail & orange account.


  • Man4reply

sahab, 18 Sep 2011What is the OS of this phone ? please tell me or mention in... moreIt has proprietary JAVA J2ME operating system

  • Narender

shaj, 21 Sep 2011does this one got wifi..the specification says it dose'nt h... moreNo it do not have Wifi Lan connectivity option i am using the same phone for last 1 year...

but certainly you shoul buy.. it you will definitely like it...

  • exoo3

it's without wifi and without GPS too

  • saurabh kumar shah

Q V Gen, 11 Jul 2011I use this phone every day (I like it, but I also don't thi... morethe "no event" notifcation only shows that u dont have any missed events like new msgs or mis calls....
juss drag that widget into the widget slide bar and that will stay there........

  • shaj

does this one got wifi..the specification says it dose'nt have..but a shopowner told me it have wifi..someone plz give me an answer

  • sahab

What is the OS of this phone ? please tell me or mention in specification.

  • d'jay

sky louis, 11 Jun 2011i have been using samsung star from a year almost i need so... morefor front camera use code *#0*#

  • Anonymous

from where to download the antivirus in this phone

  • real mad

My bluetooth won't exchange with my macbook computer, please help.