Samsung S7220 Ultra b preview: First look

First look

GSMArena team, 17 February 2009.

This article is outdated. We have already published a full review.

Samsung S7220 Ultra b 360-degree spin

Design and construction

The styling of the Samsung S7220 Ultra b could be called conservative, but it will likely grow on you and you'll get to appreciate the nice ergonomics. The device is relatively thin (11.8 mm) and light (90 g) and would fit in almost any pocket or purse. You could easily compare it to the Sony Ericsson W902, the Nokia 6220 classic (based on Symbian), or the recently announced Nokia 6700 classic. All of those, however, lack the OLED display.

Samsung S7220 Samsung S7220
The Samsung S7220 Ultra b We like the simple, tasteful and quite ergonomic design

All keys on the alphanumeric keypad are quite comfy and offer nice press feedback. The prominent terracing and the extra friendly D-pad provide for exceptionally friendly handling.

Samsung S7220 Samsung S7220 Samsung S7220 Samsung S7220
Typing and control of the device are quite user-friendly

On the right is the microUSB plug (with a protective cap) and the camera button, which also accommodates the basic Task Manager (application switch). That's the same solution we saw in the Emporio Armani phone. On the left-hand side there is only the volume rocker. All the side buttons are comfortable to use.

There is only a mouthpiece on the bottom, and on the back are the camera and the LED flash, which are placed within a slightly raised oblong deck with the Samsung logo on.

Samsung S7220 Samsung S7220 Samsung S7220 Samsung S7220
Different views of the Samsung S7220 Ultra b

The microSD card slot is under the back panel on the right-hand side, but it's easily accessible without having to remove the battery.

The 2.2" 262K-color display is based on the OLED technology, meaning you get better contrast and richer colors. Sunlight legibility is not perfect, but is on a par with Samsung TFT displays.

Samsung S7220 Samsung S7220
The display in the dark and under direct light

Reader comments

  • Nonnyy

Where is the speaker place?? Is it one with earpiece?

  • Anonymous

I personally don't like this. Doesn't seem to have any character, missing important features, built on outdated Samsung interface

  • Anonymous

Agreed, it looks nice, but QVGA is unacceptable in 2009 for a high end phone.