Samsung S7330

Samsung S7330

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  • Aziz

Its look like U900. i think looks of U900 is better...

  • 1234~~~~

good spec with crap battery as always...

  • Anonymous

dont give me that rubbish about people that cant affor the high end one i know for a fact you can get the better u900 on contract for the cheepest of 20 pm on t mobile and if they can get a contract then its there own stupid fault in not payin there bills properly thanks and dont reply to my comment cus im a sucsessfull mobile resercher for motorola so its my job to compare prices looks and general handset design if you will find that moto dont make cheep copies of sucsessful high end phones each onehas an individual design

  • li

very good looking phone i like this battery is really good lasts for 2 days and that touch navigation keypad is really stylish 2 use very sexy phone

  • Anonymous

id buy the soul if it looked like this, and id buy this if it had the soul specs. no go haha

  • Kal

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2008wats the point in this phone its a pile of s*&t no need for it s... moreThats exactly what i like in samsung. They give you two different versions with different price tag for two different segment of customer with preety much same look. They have the top end models. Why cry here if it's not meant for you. You have all the options to chose from. Cheers!!

  • Anonymous

wats the point in this phone its a pile of s*&t no need for it samsung have u got nothing better to do than make cheep crap versions of phones that are quite good that you have already made

  • Anonymous

looks like a cross between the soul and e900