Samsung S8000 Jet review: Airborne


GSMArena team, 08 July 2009.

GPS Navigation is missing

Even though the Samsung S8000 Jet comes with a built-in GPS receiver our unit didn't have any voice-guided navigation application preinstalled. The Google maps app was available but it simply cannot match a full-fledged SatNav solution like the Samsung Navigator that was available on the Pixon12.

Luckily even if you are in the same spot as us, you can go and purchase the Samsung Navigator software separately. The rebranded Route66 product will set you back about 70 euro for a one-year voice guided navigation license for your region. Expensive it really is but at least you can be sure that its functionality and map data is sufficient.

Bear in mind though that this is strictly market dependent so you better check with your local provider if the Jet has any SatNav software preinstalled or not.

There aren't many real games onboard

Typical Samsung, the Jet offers a bunch of trial games. Entertaining though they might be, they can only keep you occupied for a short while and the full versions have to be bought for a small fee.

Samsung S8000 Jet
The trial games aren't much fun really

The only game section that isn't a trial is called Rollercoaster Rush. The Java title uses the built-in accelerometer for control and ranks decently on the fun scale.

Samsung S8000 Jet Samsung S8000 Jet
The accelerometer-based Rollercoaster Rush saves the day

There is also another motion-based game inside the motion tutorial that comes preinstalled on the handset. With it being more a proof of concept than real gaming material you are extremely unlikely to play it more than once.

Samsung S8000 Jet Samsung S8000 Jet
The motion game is hardly too entertaining

Final words

So, in a nutshell - the Samsung S8000 Jet is quick to please and keen to entertain. If not the feature load, we're impressed with the fluid, lively and ticking user interface. Sometimes fun to use does matter as much as all the extra features in world.

The best thing about the Samsung Jet is it really puts the user first. The rich and captivating interface and the sharp and inspired accelerometer controls make the Jet unique and entertaining. Furthermore Samsung have managed to deliver a pretty decent hardware package too. Sure, the S8000 Jet is no Pixon12 but it hardly has any significant omissions in the specs sheet either. Well the smartphone capabilities might be a deal-breaker for some but if that's what you signed for you won't be let down.

The main rival that the Samsung S8000 Jet has is of course the LG KM900 Arena. The two devices are almost perfect matches specs-wise with the Samsung taking a slight edge in terms of screen for packing a little larger AMOLED unit.

Some might argue that the capacitive technology of the Arena touchscreen is an advantage but we can assure them that they won't feel that much of a difference between the two. In fact the remarkable job Samsung have done of boosting the resistive display sensitivity lifts the user experience to such a high level. That said, the differences between the Jet and the Arena are so minor that picking between those two is strictly a matter of personal taste.

LG KM900 Arena
LG KM900 Arena

The only thing that can be held against the Jet is probably the not so prominent exterior, revealing little of the exciting little treats that lay in store for the user.

Anyway, the Samsung Jet is bound to rub shoulders with devices that fall in quite a different price range. But if smartphone skill is a must, you will simply have to dig extra deep in your pocket and asset your sights on Samsung i8910 Omnia HD (for the features) or an Apple iPhone (for the attitude). But hey, if some delighted Jet user should tell you their device kicks the snot out of Omnia HD and the iPhone, just don't be too quick to laugh it up.

Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Apple iPhone 3GS
Samsung i8910 Omnia HD • Apple iPhone 3GS

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my samsung s8000 no skype

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I want to oder a samsung jet s8000.. How to order?

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My sumsung doesn't download applications or games