Samsung S8500 Wave

Samsung S8500 Wave

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  • Anonymous

wow bluetooth V3.0

  • Nitin

Can anyone tell me whts new thing in BADA OS

  • Anonymous

xenon flash?

  • Anonymous

This phone will rock.........I hope. Want to know more about bada though.


What is bada os?

  • Spawner

This phone is sexy

  • Anonymous

Nothing groundbreaking in terms of hardware features.5mpix camera,3.3inch screen,etc. Hope they'll announce something much better in m or i series

  • Gustavo

330.0 inches???? Wow, that's big... jejeje, I suppose it's 3.3 inches...

  • Chrono sphere

Awesome phone. I luv it.

  • Anonymous

Mmmmm... 330.0 inches of cell phone glory!

  • Adam MAHMOOD

a very slick phone .pricing not yet announced?

  • Anonymous

This phone is a beast.